Wonder Woman Wrestling in Columbia

Senior Sophia Tran placed fourth at the tournament on Jan. 3 and 4. She earned a plaque for her sucsesses.

Natalie Walsh and Kana Chung

January 15, 2020

The girls wrestling team traveled for the first time to Columbia Missouri to compete in the Wonder Woman Wrestling Tournament. On Jan. 3 and 4, the girls competed and won awards. One of these awards was won by senior Sophia Tran who placed fourth in the tournament. “I got fourth place… I have...

Scoring Through The Storm

The boys practice after their victory at North. Though there was troubling weather that night, the team managed to fight through and defeat the opposing team.

Megan Percy, Web Editor-In-Chief

January 15, 2020

Last Friday, the varsity boys basketball team secured another win for FHC against Francis Howell North, 64-44, making their record now 5-5. It is also the second game in a row the Spartans have won, a very exciting achievement for the team, according to junior Myles Estrada.  “We felt accomplished...

A Season of Firsts

The girls basketball team celebrates a win at center circle after defeating GAC South opponent Troy Buchanan High School. The team improved to 12-0 after this win.

Kierigan McEvoy, Web Assignments Editor

January 13, 2020

13-0. One of the best season records thus far in program history. Three tournament wins. Facing different opponents every tournament and each time earning some hardware as a result of their efforts. Ranked #1. For the first time in program history, coming from being unranked at the beginning of the season ...

Spartan S-Hive

Spartan S-Hive

Hannah Bernard, Staff Photographer

January 13, 2020

The Varsity Girls Basketball team battled the Troy Trojans at home on Jan. 7th, 2020. The Spartans took home a win with a score of 48-35. In addition to the game, the team welcomed girls from the FHC Jr. Spartans Basketball program to join them on the court for a post-game huddle. Members of the 8...

Welcome to the Mat

Coach Kurt Kruse directs junior Rhyen Standridge on how to properly execute a half-nelson on Mary Kate Neal. Practicing challenges at practice improve their performance at meets.

Natalie Walsh, Print Assignments Editor

January 4, 2020

Eye to eye. Silence settles over the gymnasium as the referee places his arm between the two opponents. Hearts are racing as anticipation and anxiety settles in for the match. Knees bent, arms in position, waiting for the referee to let hell break loose; cut the strings holding them back and let what ...

Relentless. Impassioned. Immortal.

OFF-SEASON SPRINTING: Eli Allen and Reed Easterling perform handoffs with a baton. “My biggest goal is just to stay in shape and to get myself better so that during track season I can get better and better times,” Easterling said.

Kayla Reyes, Print Editor-in-Chief

January 3, 2020

The first snow of the year falls to the ground, a thick flurry of white, fluffy flakes blowing through the air. The hallways clear out and fall silent as hundreds of teenagers quickly rush to their transportation, desperate to get out of the frigid temperatures and the cold, slushy snow that cascades...

Present Through The Pain

Injured junior Sophie Delaney slaps hands with junior Gracie Stugart during introductions of the team's 55-54 victory over Lutheran St. Charles on Dec. 6.

Alyssa Bernier, Staff Reporter

December 29, 2019

Sitting on the bench. Watching their teammates both struggle and dominate on the court. Watching the gleam of adrenaline they remember so clearly come off the girls with every shot taken and pass made. The sweat trickling down their foreheads is a reminder of the sport they yearn to be able to play a...

Cut the Gut to Make the Cut

Two wrestlers compete.  By cutting weight, a wrestler can gain the cutting edge.

Anna Carroll, Staff Reporter

December 20, 2019

145, 152, 160, 170, 182, 195, 220, 285…See the pattern? The difference from number to number, from weight class to weight class is the hard-earned product of hundreds of calories, countless workouts and ceaseless dedication. By dropping pounds, wrestlers hope to gain an athletic edge against their ...

Girls Wrestling Prepares for First Meet

Female wrestlers practice as they prepare for their first match on Dec. 12

Natalie Walsh and Kana Chung

December 11, 2019

The girls wrestling team takes on Seckman high school Dec. 12. This will be the team’s first match in MSHSAA history. Seckman, on the other hand, has competed in two matches prior to this one, losing both. Despite the Seckman Jaguar’s losses so far in the season, they finished last year with a...

PTR Pays Off

PTR Pays Off

Kierigan McEvoy, Wed Assignments Editor

December 9, 2019

They walk around school dressed in their all-black game day sweats. They wear faces full of determination that radiate hard work, alongside their patch on the sleeve of their sweats that remind them every day what they play for. It reads “PTR”- pound the rock; an expression that the girls basketball team ...

First Devastating Loss

First Devastating Loss

Madi Hermeyer, Staff Photographer

December 6, 2019

To begin the basketball season, FHC is hosting a JV boys basketball tournament. Including schools such as Timberland, Vianney, Pattonville, Liberty, and many others; FHC started against Liberty. Despite being down 17 points in the first half, FHC was up 1 point by the last 10 seconds, when Liberty...

Final Four Defeat

Final Four Defeat

Madi Hermeyer, Staff Photographer

December 6, 2019

    Closing out the season, Varsity Volleyball made it to State. Although they lost all of the matches they played, they put in an enormous amount of effort. On top of that, the student section was roaring; from the very start 2 hour ride to Cape Girardeau, to the very end of the...

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