Teacher appreciation week: Mr. Schneider

May 5, 2015

From Jacelyn Blattel:

I had never met an individual so dedicated to bettering their students’ understanding in any subject until I met Mr. Mark Schneider earlier this year. I hesitantly signed up for AP Statistics in my senior year, attempting to avoid calculus like the plague, but desiring a challenge at the same time. Statistics definitely offers the challenge I was seeking, and Mr. Schneider’s energy and passion makes the class that much more exciting.

Beginning the class everyday with a smile on his face and a familiar greeting, Mr. Schneider has no problem summoning attention and jumping right into a new lesson. His passion for statistics and mathematics in general is evident, seeing as every lesson is like a new production. He commands the front of the classroom as if it was a stage, while his performance keeps his audience’s attention even if the lesson isn’t particularly captivating. You made a silly mistake on your formative quiz? “Oh bother,” but you can fix that by the time the actual test rolls around. You made the same mistake on the test? Well that wasn’t very smart of you, but “you’re still a good person.” He is always able to turn mistakes into a learning experience while still preserving a student’s self confidence.

Ending my day with a math class isn’t something I would normally look forward to, but Mr. Schneider’s endlessly energetic personality makes it bearable. Math in general isn’t a subject I enjoy, but it always helps having a teacher who lives and breathes what he teaches. Thank you, Mr. Schneider, for making statistics seem unlike any other math class I have taken before. Thank you for making it entertaining and reminding me everyday of the potential I truly have.

From Chloe Siebels:

My  freshman year I moved from Virginia to Missouri. It terrified me because I was going to be starting high school, which can be terrifying on its own, without knowing anyone. As a freshman I was taking geometry. My teacher in geometry was Mr. Schneider. Mr. Schneider stood apart from all of my other teachers that year.

He was so energetic in class, so I got distracted less. Out of all the math teachers I have had in my life, Mr. Schneider is the only one that made math class fun. Between his songs about math, his random outburst of yelling, confusing kids after they ask a simple question, and his endless jokes about jumping out the window, there is never a dull moment in his class.

He didn’t just give me a fun year in geometry though. I am really good at math, but if I did not have Mr. Schneider freshman year, I probably would have failed or barely passed geometry. I was not prepared for high school at all. I was horribly disorganized and was always turning my work in late or not at all.

Mr. Schneider gave me numerous chances to turn in missing work and he encouraged me to change my ways. I want to thank him because if it were not for him I would have struggled for much longer.

From Julia Becker:

Oh bother. How do I begin? I never would have thought in a million years that a math teacher could be my favorite teacher. Nothing personal, but crying over numbers and symbols that don’t make sense doesn’t usually lead to liking the person forcing me to stare at them for hours. Yet when I walked into 2nd hour statistics last year, I knew your class would be different. Even though I felt, and probably looked,  ridiculous singing along to your song about math, it confirmed for me that the two consecutive years I would spend in your classroom would be a life changing experience.

I did my fair share of time in the rolly chair next to your desk, asking questions that were almost always less than articulate, yet you never pushed me to spit it out or looked down on me for my frustration. Heck, I’ve cried multiple times in your class and I’ve struggled more times than I can count but that’s what has made my journey through the fundamentals of calculus so important.



Teacher appreciation week: Mrs. Bulva

English teacher creates a fun and positive learning environment for her students.

I’ve had a lot of great teachers throughout my high school career but when I look back at these 4 years, I’m going to remember Mrs. Jessica Bulva the most. Being her student really has made me a better person. Not only does she push her students to excel in english, she pushes her students to grow as human beings. This is an extremely important quality to have as a teacher.

The atmosphere in her classroom is unlike any other. While I was her student during my junior year, I always enjoyed going to her class because I knew I was going to have a good day. She always makes it clear to her students that she cares. She’s constantly asking them if they need help or don’t understand something and is willing to help in any way possible. Mrs. Bulva isn’t afraid to join in on the fun going on in her classroom either but knows just the right time to tie things back together and get her students focused. She’s also always trying to keep her students interested in what she’s teaching by including technology we all can relate to and trying new, creative tricks to get her students motivated.

Now that I’m her TA, our relationship has grown past just teacher and student, we’ve developed a great friendship. I know that I can always count on her if I need a shoulder to lean on. She’s always willing to listen and give advice about academics and personal problems.

So thank you Mrs. Bulva, for being the unique teacher you are. You have impacted my life more than you know.


Teacher appreciation week: Mr. Reed

ZoBot teacher fuels students with his excitement for the subject and determination to help whenever needed

From Quentin Webert:

I chose Mr. Reed because he is different from all of the other teachers. Most teachers try really hard to make class interesting and fun, but Mr. Reed doesn’t have to try. By just being himself, Mr. Reed entertains all students and brightens the class’ mood no matter what. He will be a great teacher and poke fun at students at the same time. Back in 1st semester, I took a bite from an apple that he had on his desk. Obviously he knew it was me, so he pulled me aside and told me that i had to buy him two of the same specific apples or I’d be in trouble. To show my respect, I bought him a whole bag of the apples, which he admired greatly. Aside from his comedic personality, Reed also is very insightful and intelligent. Anytime someone tries to prove him wrong, he’ll attack you with intelligence and logic, in the most respectful way. Of all the words to describe Mr. Reed, the only one that seems to fit appropriately is; Dope.

From Joey Silver:

I, being the overachieving and awesome kid I am, decided that filling my senior year schedule up with loads of honors and AP courses was a good idea. I didn’t account for work, college applications, and other various activities that fill my day up. I also didn’t account for that terrible disease known as senioritis.

Senioritis hit me like a derailed train. I lost nearly all motivation to do anything school related. I just didn’t care anymore. I knew that if I got all D’s in my classes I could still graduate with a good GPA, so I just gave up.

Few teachers have impacted me as much as Mr. Patrick Reed has. His passion for botany and zoology really show, and it inspired me to put the train back on the tracks and start working hard again.

He’s much more than a teacher. He is a mentor, a lunatic, and most importantly, he’s a good person. He can take any topic and make it interesting and exciting. I found myself time after time correcting friends and family on their botanical mistakes, and even telling customers at Schnucks how awesome their fruit and vegetables really are.

He goes above and beyond what is required of him to make sure that students are getting something out of his class, even if they have no interest in it at all. He does hold his students to a high standard, but he holds himself to a higher one.

So thank you, Pat, for really caring for each and every one of your students. Your enthusiasm matched with your sarcasm makes zobot one of the best classes I’ve taken in my four years of high school. When I look back in 20 years, the memory of you and zobot will be a fond one. Maybe.

From Jake Roach:

Ever since my first day in ZoBot, I’ve always looked forward to Mr. Patrick Reed’s classroom. It wasn’t that kind of I-hate-school-but-this-is-the-best-thing-I-can-get-here type of looking forward either. I actually wanted to go to school just for that class.

Of course, Mr. Reed is an entertaining teacher, but his passion for teaching is his true selling point. I’ve never experienced a moment where Mr. Reed wouldn’t take all the time in the world to sit down with a student and make sure everything was completely understood, even going way out of his way to make sure students can have questions answered that are maybe a little bit more shy in the classroom.

However, my experience that took Mr. Reed from a good teacher I had to undoubtedly one of my favorites was a conversation we had one Friday afternoon.

I showed up to his classroom to check on a test and then head home. We started having a conversation like we generally do when I come in after school, but next thing I know, it’s 3:30 and I’d been talking to Mr. Reed for an hour.

I’ve never been able to sit down and have a full conversation with a teacher, and never really connected with a teacher, but that changed then.

There’s a handful of teachers I hold in high regard, and Mr. Reed is up at the top. I am truly thankful for not only an endlessly interesting year of science, but also a passionate teacher who is not afraid to sit down and just talk to his students. Thank you Mr. Reed.

Teacher appreciation week: Mrs. LaMartina

English teacher connects with students on a personal level to help bring a lighthearted feel to the classroom

In the beginning of my sophomore year, I was cautious about my teachers, as all students are, but walking into my fifth hour English II class was a different setting.

From the start, Mrs. LaMartina was very welcoming to all her students as soon as we walked through her door. She made an effort to keep the classroom environment a positive one by always cheering up her students, especially when we were protesting against school work. She would counteract our arguments; not by threatening us with bad grades, as I’ve had teachers done before, but with just more kind reinforcement.

She really connected with us by sharing personal stories of how she grew up, which made me really like Mrs. LaMartina because she wasn’t scared to open up and it showed me her honesty as a person. With most teachers, I don’t feel connected to them because they’re textbook teachers and just give the assignment and that’s all you remember them by. I remember her as filling the classroom with lightheartedness with her quirky alarm sounds and creative imitate sentences ranging from her dog smelling bad or eating worms.

Mrs. LaMartina also showed optimism toward her students and their ability to succeed. She took the time to thoroughly explain subjects we struggled with, only something a teacher with compassion to educate can do. She even goes out of her way to text reminders for us to bring our SSR book or to finish our study island questions.

Mrs. LaMartina truly cares about her students and our work in her class, and I’ve never had a teacher as dedicated to it as her. I will always remember her as the nicest teacher I’ve had and any student should be thankful to have Mrs. LaMartina as a teacher.



Teacher appreciation week: Mrs. Breite

Accepting, passionate teacher creates a positive environment in the classroom

Focused on keeping my pace, I was a little surprised when Mrs. Lauren Breite approached me. It was the first week of school and I was only a freshman on the cross country team, but Mrs. Breite looked past my awkwardness and warmly held a conversation with me as we ran.

Four years later, Mrs. Breite is still incredibly accepting and friendly. Whether she is a track coach, teacher, or FCA huddle leader, Mrs. Breite has always been someone I have looked up to. Her cheerfulness is constant, and it is almost crazy to think about because I am not sure I have even seen her without a smile.

Whether she was reading Les Mis with us or showing off her baby niece, French class was always a joy with Mrs. Breite. And even when we were all stressed out with finals, she would always check up on us to make sure we were not getting overwhelmed in her class. Mrs. Breite’s compassion for her students is one of a kind, and it is clear to see that she is passionate about what she does. Her enthusiasm in and out of the classroom makes it a blast to learn or practice or grow in faith.

Mrs. Breite is one of those teachers that I am so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to meet. She has helped me and so many other students grow and mature because she has dedicated so much of her time and energy to us. Thank you Mrs. Breite for welcoming me that first week my freshman year. And thank you for being such a cool role model and so much more.


Teacher appreciation week: Mrs. Scott

Biology teacher helps make learning the subject fun in a focused manner.

Of all of the teachers I’ve had, I’ve never experienced a teacher who was so genuinely kind and who loved her job so much as Mrs. Luanne Scott. I’ve never been sure what I want to do as far as my career goes, but after a few weeks in Mrs. Scott’s class, I knew I wanted to pursue science. She gives her students as many resources as she can find as far as camps and internships are concerned and her passion for the subject is clear in every single lesson she teaches.

In all honesty, biology isn’t always fun. Sometimes it can be monotonous or boring or even gross. It doesn’t matter, though, because Mrs. Scott always finds a way to make it interesting. I remember one time we were learning about genetics and rather than giving us some worksheet that would have probably been a chore to do, she put us in pairs and had us create our own child out of genetic codes. It was fun and lighthearted and she put a lot of thought into how to teach us what we needed to know without making us feel like we were being hammered with the information.

Mrs. Scott showed me science is more than repetition and weird smells. I appreciate her so much for all the effort she puts into class every single day. She somehow manages to be kind and thoughtful on top of everything else and I hope she now knows how big of an impact she’s had on me.


Teacher appreciation week: Mrs. Shockley

AP lit teacher shows students her understanding of the life of an AP student, all the while still challenging them at a pace they can handle

After emerging from the bloody battle otherwise known as AP Language and Composition, I marched onward in hopes of defeating my next test of faith in the cursed room of 147. AP Literature was a course many warned me of, but my desire to be challenged overcame the pressure of slacking off my senior year.

The woman at the center of this cursed inferno of a class, the one and only Mrs. Patricia Shockley, has helped me overcome any and all obstacles I face, some she put in front of me and some just personal struggles. Whether it be improving my reading skills or bettering my ability to write formal essays, Mrs. Shockley was and continues to be there for me every step of the way in my journey through literature.

Mrs. Shockley is probably the most understanding teacher I have ever met when it comes to the pressure on an AP student. She understands the fact most of us are struggling through multiple AP courses and cuts us some slack when it seems the responsibilities are becoming too overbearing. In no way am I saying she’s making the class less of a challenge, but she is just more aware of the sometimes overwhelming work load her students receive. She’s willing to mold her lessons to best benefit her students, which is what makes her so incredibly unique in her teaching style. She is willing to give, as long as her students are willing to put in the effort.

Thank you, Mrs. Shockley, for always being the teacher I feel I can come to with any problem, school-related or not. Thank you for being so understanding and lenient with your workload, but still testing my abilities along the way. You are a teacher I will remember long after I leave Francis Howell Central, and a person I am glad to have had the privilege of knowing and learning from.

By Emily Herd

English class has always been a class that I have looked forward to, and has fed my desire to learn. I learned how to improve my writing, vocabulary, and to fully understand the purpose of rhetorical strategies. English has invariably been my favorite subject, but I have sometimes struggled to succeed in some areas.

I was at first hesitant to join AP Lit. because I lost interest in English, but I forced myself to take it and it was the best decision I’ve made. Mrs. Patricia Shockley not only helped me gain my passion again, but flourish and truly acknowledge how important it is to me. She would take something complex and make it simple to digest and comprehend. She would also relate it to current events and circumstances which helped me understand that age does not define relevancy and importance.

Everyday I look forward to learning from Mrs. Shockley and having off topic discussions that are impactful and down right hilarious. She’s open and honest and when our agenda has to change, she alters it so that it is beneficial for everyone. I laugh every time there is a feud with the AP Lang. class about how AP Lit. is equally as hard of a class. Everyday is full of laughter and smiles that make my day and remind me of how blessed I am to have a great teacher.

As I began to realize how much I loved the class, literature such as 1984 and “Macbeth” became an addiction; I wanted to read as much literature and classics as I could. This new addiction thrived due to Mrs. Shockley; she taught me how vital English is. How it is educationally beneficial, but also is fun and intriguing. I was exposed to great works of literature that I never would’ve read if it wasn’t for her. Due to this, I view life often in a literary lense and ponder life’s many mysteries. If I wasn’t exposed to works of literature, I would be oblivious to life’s recurring hardship in others lives as well as mine.

Thank you Mrs. Shockley for all you have done. When I go off to college and have to leave this school, I will remember that I walked across the stage and got my diploma thanks to you. Thanks to you and your impact on my life and education, it will be something that I will always remember.


Teacher appreciation week: Mr. Thorpe

Science teacher and volleyball coach shows energy and enjoyment in the classroom and on the court

From Kayla Schoenig:

To be a great teacher you have to be a friend too. Someone a student can not only turn to for educational help, but personal help as well. In that case, Mr.Thorpe is a great teacher and friend.

He has helped me understand that life isn’t easy. When my volleyball career ended early this year he let me know that I can still achieve, and explore other things that are important to me.

The amount of energy and enjoyment he has in the classroom really has helped me strive higher in not only school, but life in general. He relates a lot of his lessons to regular life experiences, and his jokes aren’t that bad either.

Thank you Mr.Thorpe for not only helping me as a student, but a person as well!

From Daniel Tedder:

Mr. Thorpe was the scariest teacher I’ve ever had. I can still remember that during the first week of school my freshman year, Ian Fletcher was sleeping in his class and Mr. Thorpe went off. He yelled and made Ian stand up in the back of the class, so that if he falls asleep “he’ll wake up when his head hits the lab table.” After a few weeks, I still didn’t know if Mr. Thorpe had an inside voice.

I had Mr. Thorpe as my volleyball coach later during that spring, and if I thought that he wouldn’t yell as much, I was definitely proven wrong. He was a great coach, he knew how to teach the basics and how to get the most out of all of us. We weren’t his best team, but he instilled the “state” mentality into us. After the Howell North tournament that year, he talked to us for what seemed like forever in the hallway. He didn’t yell, all he could say was how proud he was of all of us, and how he believed we could be the class that finally hung a state banner. To this day, that belief still drives me.

A year and a half later, as I’m managing the girls volleyball team, he approached me and asked if I wanted a job at the Verizon Amphitheater. Of course I said yes, and its made for some pretty great stories. Now, two years later, I can’t wait to return for this next season.

This man, who had seen me come in as a short and chubby freshman, now is going to see me leave as a tall and not as chubby senior. Everytime I see him, he’s always upbeat and ready to crack a joke. He taught me how fun it was to learn and how to push myself to do the best that i can. In his class, it wasn’t about getting a B or an A, it was about perfection, and he was upset if he didn’t see us achieve that.

Mr. Thorpe, thank you for all that you’ve done for me, this page of words cannot adequately describe how thankful I am for all of the influence that you’ve had in my life.

Oh, and by the way, LGB stands for LET’S GO BLUES!!!!


Taylor Tinnes

Teacher appreciation week: Ms. Henry

First year teacher helps struggling students learn to love math

By Alexis Labarge

Ms.Henry is one of my favorite teachers. She always makes math more fun and interesting. Which I think would be hard to do considering its math, but she never ceases to amaze me. Before this year I hated going to math, but now it is one of my favorite classes. She is always in a good mood and is always joking around with us. There is nothing better than a teacher who can joke around with us and still teach us and that definitely describes you. Everyone I know that has her loves her. She is always encouraging us to do our best no matter what. If we are struggling she makes sure we understand what we are supposed to be doing and doesn’t give up on us. Before her class I was always afraid to ask questions in math because I didn’t want to feel stupid, but not once has Ms.Henry ever made me feel like that. I have always thought about being a teacher and I would definitely want to be like Ms.Henry if I do pursue teaching. I appreciate everything she has ever done and taught me. So thank you Ms.Henry for being an outstanding teacher and just a great person in general.

By Anna Dillon

Dear Ms. Henry,

I wanted to take the  time to recognize you as a teacher and how you have helped and affected me as a student. From the beginning of the school year, I thought it best to give you a fair warning that I always have struggled in math.

From the moment we had that talk, you watched me more closely. You made sure I completely understood the information. You were more than happy to answer all my questions, and when I still didn’t comprehend it you would patiently explain the problem or concept until I understood it.

There is a situation that occurred during 3rd quarter that I’ll never forget; half embarrassment, half thankful. There was a test I was taking that I had studied hard for. I even took the time to pay you a visit during Seminar beforehand so I could go over the information with you just so it would be fresh in my brain.

It seemed like everyone was breezing through it, as I sat there in awe at the fact I had forgot half the things we had went over just hours before. Finally, the bell rang. You told me to finish up the test and you’d write me a pass. It was just me and two other people finishing, in which even they had left minutes after. It was just you and I in the room and you called me up to your desk. You asked me if I was doing okay and I lost it.

I felt so embarrassed that I was crying like a five-year-old, but I couldn’t lie to you, I told you it was rough. I was so upset with myself that I couldn’t remember what I had learned even when it was very recently retaught to me.

Instead of ignoring the fact I was crying, you told me everything was going to be okay. When you filled out my hall pass you gave me a few extra minutes so I could go to the restroom and pull myself together. You even gave me an extra shot at taking the test. That showed me you care,  and you  have been extremely generous with the one on one time you take into helping me.

I see you as a very compassionate person that is dedicated to her career as a teacher. Even when I feel like I can’t figure something out, you give me the confidence to believe maybe I can. Between the atmosphere you set in the classroom and the quality of your teaching you’re an amazing teacher and I feel privileged to be your student.


Teacher appreciation week: Mrs. Mcguire

Motivating FACS teacher creates a classroom environment that is exciting, involved, and rewarding for students

I’ve only been in FHC for two years and I don’t particularly like it, but Mrs. McGuire is a teacher that I’ve had for both years and she’s definitely my favorite. Most teachers I have encountered aren’t quite my type. But Mrs. McGuire’s teaching style just really clicks with me.


Mrs. McGuire is the loudest teacher I have ever had, but not in a bad or annoying way. Her voice demands attention and keeps you awake and listening, which is great for slow mornings, and her personality and humor are very enjoyable and realistic.


Last year, she helped me learn and actually remember tons of information in child development, then helped me grow and improve as a teacher and caregiver through tough love and brutal honesty while I taught children with my classmates.


Taking both Child Development 1 and 2 last year I now feel incredibly knowledgeable about pregnancy, babies, and children. I know just about all there is to know about that thanks to her, and for that I’m grateful. Especially because I now have multiple credible references and people trust me to care for their babies and kids, which is rewarding in both money and fun.


Her class was one of the most exciting, involved, fun, and rewarding classes i’ve ever done and im glad I did. This year I’m in Human Relations as a way to introduce myself in to my long lived goal of acing Psychology classes, and Mrs. McGuire is really helping me achieve the start of a long term goal.
She makes me laugh without even trying and is naturally motivating in her demeanor. She has multiple talents and successes and I aim to be someone like her once i’m out of college. Plus, she gets ton of respect points for dealing with not only her own kids and other peoples toddlers almost everyday, she deals with teenagers on a daily basis.


Taylor Tinnes

Teacher appreciation week: Dr. Miller

Ability to make connections with her students makes it easy for Spanish teacher to teach difficult material

Learning a language is hard. At times, it is so confusing and frustrating that I would rather pull my teeth out. It takes a certain type of person to teach a foreign language. Someone with the ability to explain just about anything(multiple times over). Someone devoted to the learning of others. Someone with the patience of a saint.

Dr. Miller fits this bill perfectly. Throughout my years in Spanish classes, I’ve had some great teachers. But Dr. Miller will always be the one who stands out in my mind.

Dr. Miller always has the perfect way of explaining things so they make sense to each person and no question is ever too frivolous or far fetched for her attention. If learning a language is difficult, I can’t imagine how hard it is to teach one to a bunch of high school students. But she always has a smile on her face and sincere enthusiasm, which is usually needed in my groggy second hour.

Dr. Miller and I will often find ourselves talking about our mutual love of John Green books or nerdy humor. She connects with her students so easily, probably because she’s so cool.

In the rest of my high school career, I don’t think I’ll ever find another teacher like Dr. Miller. She has made it easy for me to learn Spanish and want to explore the language and culture more. So thank you Mrs. Miller. Thanks for being a super awesome teacher.


Teacher appreciation week: Mrs. Switzer

Art teacher influences students and the way they think about art

Art has always been a passion of mine, it has always had an impact on my life, so much so, that I have decided to pursue a career in the Arts. Throughout my high school career, I’ve had many art classes with many teachers, but senior year has definitely been the best opportunity for me to improve. Mrs. Switzer, who is my Drawing I, Drawing II, and AP Studio Art teacher, has really influenced the way I think about art. I thought I already knew how to draw before I took Drawing I, but I had no idea that not only would I learn how to actually draw well, but how to see my work as shades of light rather than collections of lines.

Mrs. Switzer is one of the best art teachers I’ve had during my time in school. She takes time for every student and puts effort into all of the plans she has. One thing that has always been so important to me is freedom in creativity. I’ve been in art classes before where we end up with 24 identical objects that are simply repetitive. The amount of free thinking I can do in Mrs. Switzer’s class is exactly what I need to continue learning how to be better at what I do.


Taylor Tinnes

Teacher appreciation week: Mrs. Baize

As a coach and sponsor, English teacher makes class a ‘breath of fresh air’

For the students she teaches and coaches, Mrs. Shari Baize goes above and beyond. She is an outstanding educator in and out of the classroom and values creating a relationship with every student she comes in contact with, she sincerely cares about the lives of each of them.

As a part of the Speech and Debate team she coaches, I have spent a lot of time around Mrs. Baize. She keeps an open mind and optimistic outlook at all of our competitions, her encouragement and advice greatly influences the success of our performances.

During the school day, our camaraderie and her honesty is a breath of fresh air. Seventh hour, when I mentor for her success class, it’s a highlight of my day. Although she has never been my teacher in a formal setting, I have learned from her in a unique way. She helps me see myself and others more clearly and pushes me to succeed.

Our relationship has impacted my high school experience greatly and I will always appreciate the way she helped me feel at home at FHC. Anyone who is fortunate enough to be placed in her class is in for a fantastic year and a terrific experience.


Teacher appreciation week: Mr. Dauve

Anatomy and Physiology teacher helps students with copious amounts of information with support and study sessions

The teacher I have chosen to appreciate is Mr. Scott Dauve because he is not only kind and funny, but he puts effort into helping his students understand the material. He is so knowledgeable about what he teaches and he can help anyone understand the curriculum, as long as the student puts forth the effort.

When I took Human Anatomy and Physiology, I was scared by the amount of information I had to absorb. He provided so much information for us on our study packets that it was often overwhelming. Luckily, with plenty of support and study sessions that Mr. Dauve offered, I was able to succeed in the class.

If one is at all interested in biology, I highly recommend taking HAP with Mr. Dauve. He didn’t just teach the physical and medical aspects of humans; his professionalism set an example that I admire and will carry with me far into the future.


Teacher appreciation week: Ms. Jennings

Multi-year relationship from softball team translates into the classroom

During the summer before my sophomore year I decided to play softball. Not knowing what I would be getting myself into I went to the camp. During the tryouts I found myself working more with the freshman coaches. This being the first time I had played softball in the last year-and-a-half, it did not surprise me that I would be held down at the freshman level. I am not going to lie I was kind of frustrated with being put there, but I took what I could get.

After a few days of playing with the freshman team I started to get along really well with all of the coaches. The coach was the one that really made me enjoy the game and helped me become a better softball player. To me this meant a lot. I was no longer a lost cause, I began to actually see myself as a softball player. I was sad whenever I had to say goodbye to the season and the coaches.

Lucky for me, I was able to have this coach again my junior year as they were moved up as the JV coach. That was one of my favorite seasons. I enjoyed playing with the team with an exception of a few. I was able to get to know the new coach and push myself harder to have a spot for the team. I was not to happy with the result of how much I got to play, but I did enjoy being able to be apart of the team, and being able to see my friends everyday.

My senior year I decided that I did not want to play for the school any longer. It is a great softball program, but I had issues with grades that made me want to hold back to focus on my grades more, considering I need to get into a college this year. I was sad that I would not be able to see the coach this season, but I had to focus on my grades more than my sport.

During my marketing class we found out that our teacher was going to be having her baby soon and that we would be having a substitute for almost the rest of the year. When I found out that my old softball coach would be teaching us I was so excited. She is a great coach, an awesome teacher and just an overall great person. She is the type of teacher that one would never complain about. She is very easy going and relates to her students very well. Thank you Allie Jennings for making me a better softball player and making marketing bearable.

From Lauren Nosal

Throughout my four years at FHC, she has been the one teacher that has been there through everything. She was an amazing coach and friend, although shes only a substitute she has had the biggest impact on my career. She has been there to talk me into the things I should do and talk me out of the mistake I was going to make. She is the teacher that supported me and fought for me when other teachers have given up. She has been there through everything and made me realize my potential. She has brought me food before games and let me be her TA for every hour. She is the teacher who listens to my problems and helps come up with the best solution.  This year while I had a concussion she was the one who understood what was going and helped me work through it and take the best course of action while not getting behind. I thank her for her commitment to education and being an awesome coach in sports and dealing with my intensity with joy and understanding.


Lauren Nosal

Teacher appreciation week: Mrs. Wright

I wanted to simply take a few minutes to recognize you, as a teacher and as a person, just as you give your French students hours upon hours each day. You always give teaching us your all, and that is something that stood out to me as a student.

Even though you split your time between the high school in the morning and the community college in the afternoon, you still are able to dedicate your time and effort to all of your classes, and give extra help, also. You’ve always been a teacher that went to lengths to be sure that all of your students completely understand the material, and are able to get help if needed, and that has a definite impact.

From your puppet shows, to giving us books in French, to showing us French videos (like Romeo kiffe Juliette and Têtes à Claques). You’ve been, by far, my favorite teacher since I had you for French 1 in eighth grade. You were always the teacher I had that I felt actually cared about her students, whether or not they passed, and just how well they did.

Teachers always say some students are ‘a joy to have in class,’ but I had a lot of fun in French class thanks to having you as a teacher, and I am going to definitely miss that.


Teacher appreciation week: Mr. McCoy

Science teacher makes education in his classroom collaborative and fun for students

It’s his love and zeal for science that sets him apart from the rest. Every lecture, lab, and assignment you can hear the enthusiasm in his voice as he muses on about the wonders of physics.

His teaching method is unconventional, going against the droll industrial age model of an assembly line education and instead creating a collaborative learning experience. Lectures feel like discoveries, like he’s showing us pieces to a puzzle have always been around us and putting it together to form something beautiful. He takes great joy in watching that light bulb flicker on in a student’s head when they finally “get it.” He immerses himself into the classroom and is fully engaged in every student.

He makes education about more than just another letter grade, but more about the satisfaction of being able to look at the world around you and understand it. So thank you Mr. McCoy, thank you for caring about your students. Thank you for infecting us with your love for science. Thank you for being you.

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