Francis Howell High School opened in 1881 as the Howell Institute in Howell's Prairie, Missouri. The school was renamed in 1915 and remained the only high school in the district until 1986 when Francis Howell North High School was opened.

Chronicling Persistence

The story of the Francis Howell School District
Faith Beckmann and Faith Jacoby June 8, 2021

St. Charles County is one of the most historic places in Missouri. The county's deep history includes the beginnings of the westward expansion movement and the founding of the state among other notable...

Dakota Dunman is surounded by colors. Each voice brought by the FHC choir is unique, they each bring their
own unique colors to the sound.

The Colors of a Qualifier

Dakota Dunman named first male All-State choir qualifier since 2012
Olivia McCary, Staff Reporter June 4, 2021

All-State Choir. An achievement that many choral members strive to achieve. But for junior Dakota Dunman, getting accepted into All-State Choir became reality. The Missouri All-State Choir...

Paintings of Luke Morrison and Zoe Michals as the characters they were are immortalized on Mrs. Shockley’s ceiling. To commemerate the class’ experience performing Macbeth seniors Ella Yawitz, Paige Fann, and Jessica Hiegel painted a ceiling tile of the stars of the play.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

The cursed legend of Macbeth comes to life in Mrs. Shockley’s AP Literature class
Tea Perez, Web Editor-in-Chief June 4, 2021

The play that shall not be named. The M-word. Macbeth. When William Shakespeare first wrote his infamous play, one could assume he didn’t foresee it becoming a token of disaster and misfortune...

Senior Send Off

Senior Send Off

These three seniors plan the perfect Class of '21 farewell
Natalie Walsh, Co Editor-in-Chief May 27, 2021

Some seniors will walk briskly into the Family Area to avoid the possibility of being late while others will scramble to find their seat among the hundreds of fold-out chairs; all while six family members...

A Broke Student's Top 100

A Broke Student’s Top 100

The best restaurants to hit on your next Saint Louis visit but on a budget
Sophie Delaney , Staff Reporter May 25, 2021

Anytime I am looking for a good place to eat with family or friends, I open up Ian Froeb’s top 100 list. This list is compiled of the top 100 restaurants in the Saint Louis area and contains foods across...

Marissa Seguinot and Angelina Deidrick dissect the cat.

The Cat is in the Bag

Riley Wania, Staff Photographer May 18, 2021

On Monday, May 17, the familiar formaldehyde smell filled the science hallway as Mr. Reed’s anatomy students began their week of cat dissections. Sophomore Kayla Wejzgrowicz is thankful to be given the...

A MEDICAL LIFE-LINE: E Lanterman smiles as they hold their new service dog, Piper. For them, a service dog aids in supporting mental health and comfort.

A Huggable Lifeline

Understanding the assistance of a service dog
Maddy Mabray, Staff Reporter May 5, 2021

Freshman E Lanterman walks through the hallway, a few minutes remaining before the bell rings. As they arrive at their next class, just like any other student, they eventually find their seat and begin...

The cast of the spring musical dances on the stage in the auditorium. Due to limited time to work together, the cast tries to make the best use of the time they are allowed to have to rehearse for the show.

Looking for Ways to ‘Rock’

The Spotlight Players plan "Schoolhouse Rock Live" despite pandemic
Elisa Carter, Staff Reporter April 30, 2021

They dance on the stage. Their singing is muffled, with masks over their faces, performing their hearts out as the FHC cast of “Schoolhouse Rock Live”.  “The story is about Tom, a brand new teacher...

Posting Positivity

Posting Positivity

An Instagram account spreads love at FHC
Anna Baranowski, Staff Reporter April 29, 2021

Since March of 2020, an Instagram account known as FHC Student Community (@fhc_student_community) has been spreading positivity online. The account, run by an FHC student, accepts and anonymously...

Lauren Guth poses with her Congressional Nomiation certifcate and acceptance booklet. Guth went through a multitudinous process composed of essay-writing and interviews in order to get accepted by West Point Academy, where she plans to attend in order to serve her country and earn a degree.

Sights Set on Service

Seniors pursue military academy educations
Kayla Reyes, Print Co-Editor-in-Chief April 8, 2021

In October of her sophomore year, senior Lauren Guth flicked through the day’s mail. A letter from West Point lay buried between bills and coupon books, and she plucked it out and set it aside with the...

Game On

Game On

The battle between Fancy & Flannel Friday has begun: Who will win?
Natalie Walsh, Print Co Editor-in-Chief April 8, 2021

Why did you start your flannel/fancy wear Fridays? “I started participating in Flannel Friday because it was a fun way to celebrate reaching the end of the week. It also is a unique way to bring people...

The Averno universe is set in a small Virginian town settled in the early 1700s by a highly religious family hoping to turn the town away from its supernatural past. The universe was created by Morgan Smith and has since expanded to include the works of many other young artists.

Into the Forest

Group of young creators construct a thrilling new world full of witchcraft and secrets
Faith Beckmann, Staff Reporter February 23, 2021

“Have you ever felt homesick for places unknown? Or forgotten the friends only you can see, now that you’re grown? What if I told you that they never left?” are the opening lines to the song "Welcome...

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