Lauren Guth poses with her Congressional Nomiation certifcate and acceptance booklet. Guth went through a multitudinous process composed of essay-writing and interviews in order to get accepted by West Point Academy, where she plans to attend in order to serve her country and earn a degree.

Sights Set on Service

Seniors pursue military academy educations
Kayla Reyes, Print Co-Editor-in-Chief April 8, 2021

In October of her sophomore year, senior Lauren Guth flicked through the day’s mail. A letter from West Point lay buried between bills and coupon books, and she plucked it out and set it aside with the...

Game On

Game On

The battle between Fancy & Flannel Friday has begun: Who will win?
Natalie Walsh, Print Co Editor-in-Chief April 8, 2021

Why did you start your flannel/fancy wear Fridays? “I started participating in Flannel Friday because it was a fun way to celebrate reaching the end of the week. It also is a unique way to bring people...

The Averno universe is set in a small Virginian town settled in the early 1700s by a highly religious family hoping to turn the town away from its supernatural past. The universe was created by Morgan Smith and has since expanded to include the works of many other young artists.

Into the Forest

Group of young creators construct a thrilling new world full of witchcraft and secrets
Faith Beckmann, Staff Reporter February 23, 2021

“Have you ever felt homesick for places unknown? Or forgotten the friends only you can see, now that you’re grown? What if I told you that they never left?” are the opening lines to the song "Welcome...

The album cover for the first season of the hit show 'Glee'. It aired on FOX from 2009 to 2015

Glee or Gee?

Ruthann Kimbrel, Staff Reporter February 22, 2021

If I could describe the six season, satire fest that needs a trigger warning before nearly every episode called ‘Glee’ in one word, I would most likely choose the word ‘yikes’, but both in a good...

Let Them Eat Fake

Let Them Eat Fake

Why Sofia Coppola’s epochal movie based on France’s last queen is flawed yet fabulous.
Faith Jacoby, Staff Reporter February 3, 2021

While watching “Marie Antoinette,’ I realized historically accurate films are hard to come by these days, but sometimes authenticity is the second priority. Many period dramas are adored for their...

Crumbl Cookies has a rotating menu with 4 new cookies each week.

A Sweet Tooth’s Guide to Crumbl Cookies

Cottleville features a new gourmet cookie shop: Crumbl Cookies
Maddy Mabray, Staff Reporter January 29, 2021

The smell of freshly baked cookies rushes to you as you open the door. You’re greeted by pristine white countertops accented with the pink cookie boxes. A little further into the store and you see the...

In order to keep choir members and spectators healthy, singers were spaced out and the amount of viewers was limited to two per student. These safety precautions allowed the choir to finally show off the skills they have been building this semester. Photo courtesy OF FHC Choir

Precautious Performance

Safety alterations made the school year’s first choir concert possible
Olivia McCary, Staff Reporter January 15, 2021

The lights dim. You feel the lights brighten on you, and the concert you never thought would happen begins. After singing yourself through about four songs, the lights dim, and you find your way back to...

One of the ways Analiesa Hollowood passed nearly two months in the hospital was by learning some new skills. Here, she plays

Dealing with the Unknown

Analiesa Hollowood struggles to find a medical diagnosis through months of health issues
Elisa Carter, Staff Reporter January 14, 2021

On a regular Saturday evening in mid-August the Hollowood family decides to enjoy themselves and go out to eat for dinner. Analiesa Hollowood was not feeling the greatest after her meal so she decided...

Sieveking smiles with her family on vacation. Despite six years with diabetes, she seeks to improve and stay positive each day.

A Type of Celebration

Emma Sieveking celebrates her six- year diaversary with a 24-mile run
Maddy Mabray, Staff Reporter January 13, 2021

We celebrate lots of things, from birthdays and anniversaries, to accomplishments and memories, we are surrounded by momentous occasions that mark an impactful milestone. For Emma Sieveking, she celebrates...

The Sistine in the Lou

Now instead of taking an airplane to Rome, people can drive to St. Louis to see Michelangelo's work.
Sydney Tran, Staff Reporter January 11, 2021

For many people, religious or not, the Sistine Chapel is a bucket list location for art connoisseurs or people with eyes. For years, people have traveled to the detailed frescoes of Michelangelo, and is...

After the change of plans for her original schedule for 2020, singer and songwriter Taylor Swift worked to find a way to still connect with her fans amidst the COVID-19 pandemic since she was unable to tour. One solution was to produce a concert film for Disney+, which was released on Nov. 24.

“Take Me to the Lakes…”

Taylor Swift captivates her audience with a new concert film on Disney+.
Faith Beckmann, Staff Reporter December 21, 2020

Since I was around three years old, Taylor Swift’s music has been a significant source of comfort for me as I grow up and go through life. Her latest album, “folklore”, came out at a time when I...

Say ‘Hello’ to Laughter

Nick Kroll and John Mulaney's Comical Broadway Masterpiece
Elisa Carter, Staff-Reporter December 8, 2020

2020 has been a very memorable year with an election, a global pandemic, fires in australia, an entire BLM movement, and many other stressful events. 2020 has most likely been stressful and eventful and...

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