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Junior Connor Becker sings out to the audience during the opening number of Big Fish. He ended the opening number with the ensemble supporting his final note.

A Deep Dive

Abby Myers and Amity Ianiri May 26, 2024

ABBY MYERS: Junior Connor Becker steps out into the bright stage lights. There is a singular spotlight on him, leaving the rest of the theatre in complete darkness. He looks out onto the audience,...

A student makes her way through the punchline, picking through the options offered in the cafeteria.

Food for Thought

Ian Rashleigh, Staff Reporter May 24, 2024

On Mondays and Thursdays junior Caleb Herschberger walks into the school cafeteria at the last lunch of the school day, eager to go into the rest of his classes on a high note after having some of the...

A student glazes the assigned food with a paste she made for her dish, smiling down at it. Her classmates cleaned up the mess they possibly couldve made, making it apparent that the lab had turned out to be an success like always.

Sizzling Enjoyment

Moth Payne, Staff Reporter May 23, 2024

The small skillet sizzles as the warm and delicious scent of butter and sugary batter floats into the air, as senior Kennedy Spieler twirls the skillet ever so delicately to make sure the edges do not...

Dr. Leake and guest speaker Mrs. Odle clap for the officers as they finish their ceremony.

Et tu, Mademoiselle Odle?

Colin Nichols, Web Editor-in-Chief May 22, 2024

Mrs. Teresa Odle is retiring this school year(2023-24) after a total of 26.6 years of teaching. She has made a notebook and is collecting notes from students for after she leaves the school. One thing...

Junior Marko Vrhovac steps up to the microphone, preparing to sing.

The Sound of Music

Birdie Brereton and Natalie Martin May 21, 2024

The delicate sounds of the guitar revereberate off the walls of the bedroom where junior Marko Vrhovac sits, his mind swirling with melodies and lyrics of unfinished songs. Vrhovac is an aspiring musician...

Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems

Ava Schriber, Staff Reporter May 19, 2024

Whenever people eat or drink together, it is communion. Consuming food in our bodies is something we have to do to survive, so we want to do it with people we love the most and feel comfortable around....

Defeat in the Dugout

Defeat in the Dugout

Audrey Webb and Madison Scott May 15, 2024

  With a final score of three to six at the game versus Eureka high school on May 4, the varsity baseball team fell short and were sadly not able to come out on top. However, they are now ready...

Marko Vhrovac, Luke Paulus, Natalee Shipley, and Addie Law stand during a Speech and Debate tournament. The photo was taken after Natalee and Addie placed second in public forum debate. Photo courtesy of Addie Law

It’s More Than A Speech

Emme Bernard, Print Editor-in-Chief May 2, 2024

Sophomore Addie Law starts her 2v2 debate her freshman year. This was her first year debating, and she didn’t feel too confident until the judge told her she was already speaking at a varsity level....

This is the End

This is the End

Kailey Pallares, Staff Reporter May 1, 2024

One of the biggest things that shapes up into the person we will become in the future is our relationships with others. It isn’t hard to see the impact that romantic connections have on myself and others...

As the Fine Arts Festival begins and people begin walking in, junior Rhett Clauser plays his piano, as a part of Jazz Band.

Fine Arts Fascination

Thomas Ramos, Web Assignments Editor April 23, 2024

Guests walk the floors of the cafeteria, admiring the galleries of eye-catching art pieces as music from the Jazz Band fills their ears. At the Fine Arts Festival on Thurs, Mar. 21, there was much more...

Sitting in contemplation, senior Ryan Blanchard listens to Mr. Beckmann speak during in class. Contemporary Issues offers students an outlet to learn and speak about pressing issues.

Contemplating the Contemporary

Sophie Rosser, Staff Reporter April 18, 2024

As Mr. Nicholas Beckmann walks into class he closes the door behind him and greets his students. He asks the students to take out their notes and begins the class with a three-minute video about the failure...

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