The cafeteria is full of students eating lunch and socializing with one another. The crowdedness of the cafeteria can be overwhelming for some students.

All Dine, No Dash

Switch to three lunches causes crowds, confusion
Tea Perez, Editor-in-Chief October 21, 2021

Walking into lunch this year students are met with the excited chattering and full tables of the crowded cafeteria. Due to last year’s COVID-19 restrictions, the school implemented five lunches,...

Transition to Traditional

Transition to Traditional

Rachel Vrazel, Web Editor October 21, 2021

Senior Lauren Sirtak walks into the school building, smiling at her friends and heading to her first hour Human Body Systems class. An involved student ready to enjoy all of the wonder and excitement...

An illustration of a student wearing a mask and not wearing a mask overlaps each other. As students transition to not wearing masks, there is an added challenge of recognizing faces because last year only their eyes were visible.

Seeing Double

Students and faculty adjust to seeing each other in a new perspective: without a mask
Elisa Carter, Staff Reporter October 21, 2021

The last two years have been nothing less than chaotic. Even though we have come back to school with COVID-19 calmed, it is still apparent that has been an adjustment. One adjustment that everyone...

Back To Normal?

Back To Normal?

Students, teachers find themselves balancing the old normal with the new normal
Rachel Vrazel, Web Editor October 21, 2021

 Red, white, and blue powder is thrown up into the air in the student section at the red, white, and blue themed football game. There is a newfound sense of school spirit that shines through in the student section.

Fans Never Left

Hannah Bernard and Keaton Frye October 21, 2021

Painted bodies cram together in the student section. A cloud of colored powder is tossed above. Yell leaders call out cheers waiting for students to shout back. The new school year has brought...

Bojana Kuzmanoska poses in front of Francis Howell Central where she is currently attending high school. The smile on her face displays how happy she is to be in America.

Crossing Borders

Inge Petrie and Bojana Kuzmanoska traveled from their home countries to America and are welcomed into the Francis Howell Central High School community.
Sarah Percy, Staff Reporter November 6, 2019

On the morning of Thursday, Sept. 27, Macedonia slept, but not junior Bojana Kuzmanoska. She could never, for that day was the day she went to America. She packed her bags and made her way to the airport....

September 2019: Rooted in reality

Kayla Reyes, Print editor-in-chief October 1, 2019

This month's cover story focuses on environmental issues and how they affect teenagers.

April 2019 Issue: Central Focus

Kana Chung and Isaiah Salin April 12, 2019

A look back at the school year’s most captivating moments in photo.

March 2019 Issue: Against the norm

Conformist nature of education system makes it hard for creativity to flourish
Isaiah Salin and Kana Chung April 5, 2019

This month's conformity issue highlights the issues of school learning and the new learning styles that emerge from these problems. In Discover, the individuality and intelligence in the school environment...

February issue: Why I Didn’t Report

The February issue of the Central Focus: Why I Didn't Report
Kayla Reyes, Social media editor February 22, 2019

In the #MeToo era, stories of sexual assault arise

The Spartans get words from their coach before taking the ice against Wentzville at the Rec-plex.  They would be victorious 9-0 with a hat trick from Junior Tyler Bradley.

Hockey Handles Howell North

Spartan Hockey Gets an Easy 9-3 Win over the knights
Marcus Falcomata, Staff Reporter At-Large December 11, 2018

On Friday, November 30, the Spartans took to the ice in their 10th game of the season, facing local rival Howell North. Expectations were high for the Spartans heading into the game, and the standards...

December 2018 issue: The Happy Issue

Lanie Sanders, Web Editor-in-Chief December 11, 2018

Need a lift as finals draw near? Enjoy 28 pages of positivity

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