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A student wiping down the cafeteria tables. Due to the shortage in custodians, students have been hired to fill in the gaps.

Clean-up Crew

Birdie Brereton, Staff Reporter February 3, 2023

Splat! The sound of a mop hitting the floor sounds throughout the empty corridors of the nearby Hollenbeck Middle School. Senior Joey Siegler goes from sweeping, to mopping, to wiping off tables and boards....

Students study and review their work during finals week

First Final vs. Last Final

Kailey Pallares, Staff Reporter February 2, 2023

At the end of every semester comes the time that students start heavily stressing, studying, and dreading. As finals have just passed and we enter our second semester, students on different ends of their...

Graham Webb reviewing their new schedule sitting in the guidance office.

Stressful Scheduling

Colin Nichols, Staff Reporter February 1, 2023

After taking many stressful finals tests, sophomore Parker Haberstroh had walked into her first-hour class hoping to sit by her friends. Throughout the last semester, she became comfortable with all of...

Debate team members Adeline and Sukhman enjoying their time together.

Debate This!

Rocco Muich, Staff Photographer January 31, 2023

The FHC debate team had a meeting where they were focusing on research and practice. The team also recently were at a tournament where they placed third. Because of the win they were also celebrating....

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief Poster.

The Percy Jackson Production

Alyssa Wittig, Staff Reporter January 24, 2023

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief: A musical about friends, family, and self-truth and FHC’s 2022-23 spring production. Audition forms are located outside the theater and will be held after school...

The Improv Intensive team pretends to be shocked at something in the distance.

The Superior Spotlight

Andy Waliszewski, Staff Photographer January 20, 2023

The FHC Spotlight Players have been planning tirelessly for ways to get more visibility in the thespian community, including performing at the Renaissance Festival this past fall and selling Richard...

Friends Blooming Within A Page

Friends Blooming Within A Page

Moth Payne, Staff Reporter January 20, 2023

Excited chatter fills the library as friends and club members alike make kind “thank you” cards for the staff, the thoughts of brightening a staff member’s day brings smiles to the club member’s...

Sophomore Abby Myers, Junior Rebecca Turner, and Senior Kaylee Wright make up a song together.

A Brilliant Battle

Andy Waliszewski, Staff Photographer January 11, 2023

     The FHC theatre troupe has been rehearsing devotedly for their State Conference for the last two months, practicing not only vocal performances but also improvisation and monologuing, too....

Caleb Herschberger joins the audience and keeps up his character.

Another Show For The Books

Aniya Sparrow , Photo Editor-In-Chief January 9, 2023

  The Spotlight Players have been performing nonstop since the beginning of the school year, especially their continued performance of “ The Seussification of A  Midsummer Night's Dream.”...

Water levels in the guidance office after the pipes burst.

Christmas Catastrophe

Sarah Schmidt, Web Assignments Editor January 6, 2023

For many, Christmas day was a time to spend with family and enjoy the day off from school, but FHC administrators and custodians spent their time cleaning up water. After a week of bipolar weather, the...

Rolln Play

Roll’n Play

Magi Temelkova, Staff Photographer January 5, 2023

FHC's Games Club had their weekly meeting on Monday, Dec. 12th in Mrs. Okai's room. Like their previous meeting, the club spent time playing Dungeons and Dragons even though they sometimes dabble in...

A senior kneels on a mat ready to practice chest compressions. During the training, Students were shown how to perform CPR, but in order to pass they needed to show with Coach Malach Radigan or Coach Andrew Carter they could complete the action steps.

Stayin’ Alive

Reilly Scobey, Print Assignments Editor January 4, 2023

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a lifesaving technique that’s useful in many emergencies, in which someone’s breathing or heartbeat has stopped. While CPR is a beneficial skill, if not performed...

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