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A woman watches a celebrity on the screen, dressing in a similar fashion to attempt to imitate her. Celebrities have great influence on their fans and many try to emulate their style.

Celebrity Integrity

Ian Rashleigh, Staff Reporter May 25, 2024

Today our language and actions are affected by influencers across the globe, pioneers in their craft. To the naked eye, it is quite incredible to see what these influencers are capable of when it comes...

The icons of different religions set up beside each other. Although the religions are different, they have similar traditions.

Nutrition Tradition

Ian Rashleigh, Staff Reporter May 24, 2024

Feb. 14th to many marked what seemed like the average Wednesday, though to Christians, it is a holy holiday known as Ash Wednesday. This day marks the beginning of Lent, a period of religious fasting in...

Burnt Out or Fired Up

Burnt Out or Fired Up

Asher Wilson, Staff Reporter May 23, 2024

Ashley Jones just finished a long day at school but instead of going home for the day she commutes to starbucks to start her shift.  Instead of having a snack when she gets home she makes drinks for people...

Photo courtesy of Pixels

Summer Series

Sophie Rosser and Hannah Halterman May 21, 2024

While many students throw away old assignments along with their responsibilities for the summer, others sign up for training camps, lace up their running shoes, and prepare for a summer of off-season training...

Junior Varsity Lacrosse players communicate with their team during the game. Senior Sophie Shore found the community to be very present in lacrosse.

Clash of the Cliques

Amity Ianiri and Thomas Ramos May 21, 2024

Seniors Sophie Shore and Everett Scott, and junior Luke Paulus represent girls lacrosse, marching band, and speech and debate respectively. They discuss with hosts -- senior Amity Ianiri and junior Thomas...

A snapshot from the manga To Your Eternity, a show that senior Jackson Campbell recommends. Illustration by Yoshitoki Ooima

Analyzing Anime

Ava Schriber, Staff Reporter May 21, 2024

Animation and comics has become one of the most popular entertainment sources throughout the years. Anime, originating from Japan, has grown in popularity for the mass production, diverse genres, online...

Editors Emme Bernard and Birdie Brereton dress up in their ideal Met Gala outfits. Graphic by Birdie Brereton

Garden Gala

Emme Bernard and Birdie Brereton May 21, 2024

EMME BERNARD   The Met Gala is known for its designer outfits worn by the biggest A-list celebrities, and with this event comes criticism on if the outfits match the theme or were just trying...

Senior Emme Bernard rocks her full Lulu outfit. For many students, Lulu is a way to be comfortable while fashionable. Photo curtesy of Emma Bernard.

Moving Freely

Kailey Pallares, Staff Reporter May 20, 2024

Throughout FHC, many students are involved in various in school and after school activities that involve getting active. People’s interests in health, energy, and fitness has resulted in the rise of...

A welcoming sign is projected onto the screen as students enter the library. The event was led by Mrs. Tonishia LaMartina with special guest and author Johnathan Shoff.

The End to 2023-2024 Book Club

Meghan Baumann, Staff Photographer May 20, 2024

On May 15, the Learning Commons hosted the final book club of the school year, during Seminar. Every quarter the Learning Commons hosts this event for students to converse and play games surrounding...

A pair of jeans that are too long for the girls legs. Graphic by Birdie Brereton

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Emme Bernard, Print Editor-in-Chief May 20, 2024

Similar to many other girls, junior Lillieann Hodges walks through a store to try on clothes. Her mom always told her to try them on in store in case they didn’t fit. And while the idea of going to the...

The ease and convenience of ordering food from restaurants and having it delivered is something that blossomed during the Covid-19 pandemic and, for many students, is still a service they enjoy taking advantage of. Despite expensive fees that come on top of the price of food.

Delivery Dilemma

Amity Ianiri, Staff Reporter May 19, 2024

Senior Alexis Fuller musters her way onto the couch after an incredibly long and stressful day. Waking up in the early hours, scrambling to make it to school on time, and surviving a late night shift as...

Get That Green!

Get That Green!

Birdie Brereton, Print Assignments Editor May 17, 2024

Senior Skye Hayden is sitting in front of a plate of food, just set out by the waiter, who assured them of the absence of meat in the dish. After taking a few bites, Hayden seems to notice something is...

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