Engage in Esports

Additional Games: This is the Round 1 Complete screen from the Esport teams recent Overwatch semifinals  play. They won the semifinals and hope to broaden their winning streaks with more games.
January 14, 2021

The FHC E-Sports team is currently recruiting for two more of their competitive games, Super Mario Bros. and League of Legends. Senior Tyler Belina is ecstatic for this year's recruiting. “We recruit...

Plugging in to Championships

Very Important Persons: The FHC E-Sports team competed in state semifinals Jan. 12th. They will be moving into finals being held on Jan. 14.
The FHC E-Sports team will be participating in Overwatch Championships on Jan. 14
January 13, 2021

The FHC Esports Club has officially entered their Championship Week! Last night, Jan. 12, the club faced off in the semifinals and proved victorious as they compete in the finals on Jan 14. Club sponsor...

Biden’s Battle For Education

Biden's Battle For Education
January 12, 2021

On Nov 7th, Joe Biden was declared winner of the presidential election by most major news outlets, and while this is still being contested by the Trump administration it is all but locked in. Over the...

Ignition: lighting the mental flame

Up in Flames: A match both words that gaslights use on their victims light the brain non fire causing mental fogginess and confusion. Gaslighting is common enough for research and studies on it but, not commonly talked about leading to depression and other harmful side affects of this type of emotional abuse.
Gaslighters seek to take control of others' thoughts
January 11, 2021

A girl and her boyfriend of a year are sitting on the couch in his basement, hands being held and small talk being shared between the two while watching food competition shows on Netflix. Out of the blue,...

Stately Gaming

An Esports Gamers PC setup is quite complex. It took hours for this gamer to set the two monitors, keyboard, microphone and other electronics up.
Esports members prepare for their rightful title of State Champions
December 21, 2020

Arguably the most socially distant club at FHC, Esports resumes their virtual competitions with full steam. This past Wednesday, their Overwatch team versed CBC High School’s team for the first time...

New Quarantine Procedure in Effect Throughout District

With the sharp increase of positive covid-19 cases more students are pulled out of school for contact tracing.
December 1, 2020

On Nov. 24. Superintendent Nathan Hoven announced a new quarantine protocol to be in effect at all Francis Howell schools starting Nov. 30. The initial plan announced by Gov. Mike Parson on Nov. 12 states...

A Run-Through of Missouri Elections

Voters line up in Missouri to fill out election ballots. As elections brought about a rise in tension, people were eager to express their opinions and rights to voting.
A debriefing of the elections and candidates nominated throughout Missouri
November 13, 2020

PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION:  Although Joe Biden has been called as the official president starting in January of 2021, 56.9% of voters, as reported by The Associated Press, chose incumbent Donald Trump,...

Senior Night Spotlight

Junior Olivia Quinn embraces Webb after the game, while Coach Sheets gives Webb the props she deserves for her game winning hit.
November 13, 2020

The Girls Varsity Softball team won their game against Marquette on Friday Oct. 9. The team played a great game for their senior, Skylar Webb. Webb is a Junior, graduating early who rang in the game...

Sent Home

Contact tracing is taking a toll on attendance
November 12, 2020

Half-empty classes, quiet rooms, students in their beds instead of in school. Classrooms and halls are starting to look more and more bare. Students are getting pulled from classes and being sent home...

Mail-In Madness

A poll worker puts a mail-in ballot into a collection box. In the 2020 election, voting by mail is an option for all eligible voters.
COVID-19 increases importance of voting by mail
November 11, 2020

This year, almost everything has been different, and voting will be no exception. While voting by mail has existed in past elections, the 2020 election will have an unprecedentedly large amount of ballots...

The COVID-19 College Conundrum

Senior Paige Fann slaves over the multitudes of deadlines she has to meet for her college applications.
November 11, 2020

  As a new school year emerges a new batch of seniors start the rigorous process that is college admissions. Senior Sarah Skelly is in the midst of this process. She wants to find a school that...

Serving Up Optimism

Shae Pearson ready to get another point.
November 11, 2020

After a close game against the Marquette Mustangs, the Varsity Volleyball team keeps their optimism and attitude up. Losing did not affect the team’s love for the sport and each other. Teammate Shae...

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