2019-2020 Staff

Rachel Vrazel

Social Media Editor

Rachel Vrazel is a sophomore and is in her first year of publications and is the social media editor. She loves writing and is excited to share her passion through journalism! She is also very involved in theatre and is a member of W...

Morgan Kromer

Staff Reporter

Morgan Kromer is a Senior and staff writer for FHC Publications, this is her first year. She is involved in mentoring and works at Dierbergs. Morgan plans on attending Missouri Baptist University next Fall and double majoring i...

Zoe Michals

Staff Reporter

Zoe Michals is a sophomore staff reporter for the FHC publications. She is very involved in theatre at FHC with the Spotlight Players alongside her commitments to speech and debate, student council, and youth and government. ...

Grace Bahru

Staff Reporter

Grace Bahru is a sophomore and is in her first year of publications at FHC. She is involved with many activities like soccer, golf, and music.

Faith Jacoby

Staff Reporter

Faith Jacoby is a Junior starting her first year on newspaper as a Staff Writer. She enjoys history, reading, and listening to music. She is very excited to start her first year on newspaper and work with other amazing people....

Faith Beckmann

Staff Reporter

Faith Beckmann is a sophomore and a first year writer for FHC Publications. Other than writing, her other interests such as theatre, choir, and video editing. At home, she can be found listening to music and hanging out with h...

Essy Ingram

Staff Reporter

Essy Ingram is a junior in her first year as an FHC Publications staff reporter. She loves all things artful, finds her adventures in books, and is excited to explore journalism with some phenomenal leaders.  ...

Emma Clasen

Staff Reporter

Emma Clasen is a junior, this is her first year on the publications team. She enjoys writing poetry and short stories in her free time, she loves connecting with others through writing and music. Emma is a member of the Cross C...

Avery Olson

Staff Reporter

Avery is a sophomore and this is her first year on staff. In addition to writing, she works on productions with the Spotlight Players Theater. She also loves singing in choir and is part of Central Harmony....

Alyssa Bernier

Staff Reporter

Alyssa Bernier is an amazing sophomore and first year writer for FHC Publications. Besides writing, she enjoys chilling with her friends, tennis, shopping, snapchat, and just having fun!

Anna Carroll

Staff Reporter

This is Anna Carroll’s last year at Francis Howell Central and her first year working on the publications staff. Anna participates in numerous activities: Tennis, environmental club, NHS, and scholar bowl. Beyond the confin...

Sarah Percy

Staff Reporter

Sarah Percy is a sophomore currently on the newspaper staff. It is her first year participating in a publications course. In her free time, she enjoys playing golf, soccer, swimming, shopping, and spending time with her family a...

Ty Nedungadi

Staff Reporter

Ty Nedungadi is a senior staff writer for FHC Publications, and it is his first year. He is involved in Arete, NHS, Student Council, Swim and Dive, and Ultimate Frisbee at school. Outside of school, he partakes in many other activ...

Sam Chen

Staff Reporter

Sam Chen is a junior and is a first-year staff writer for FHC Publications. He is involved in Speech and Debate, tennis, Quiz Bowl, Cross Country, and NHS. He is tremendously excited for this upcoming year and writing for Publicatio...

Aidan Allen

Staff Reporter

Aidan Allen is a sophomore and this is his first year in FHC publications. He joined publications to explore his writing style and improve his skills. He already enjoys spoken word poetry and often writes when he can. He also dec...

Ruthan Kimbrel

Staff Reporter

Ruthann Kimbrel is a junior on her second year on staff for FHCToday. She enjoys hanging out with friends, writing, being in the schools marching band/colour guard, and learning new and interesting things....

Robyn Ziegemeier

Staff Reporter

Robyn Ziegemeier is a junior who is now on their second year on staff. Aside from reading and writing, they like to play music and D&D, as well as sleeping during days off. They play baritone in the Spartan Regiment. ...

Kierigan McEvoy

Staff Reporter

Kierigan is a senior this year along with being the Web Assignments Editor for FHC Publications. She loves to overload her schedule with various varsity sports, clubs, and rigorous classes. In her extroverted personality, she be...

Megan Percy

Web Editor-In-Chief

Senior Megan Percy is the Editor-In-Chief of Fhctoday.com and is enjoying her third year on staff. She enjoys playing her flutes, swimming on the girls swim team in the winter and playing with her dog, Lydia. She is excited to w...

Hannah Bernard

Staff Photographer

Natalie Walsh

Print Assignments Editor

Natalie Walsh is a junior here at Francis Howell Central. This is her second year on the FHC Publication’s staff and her first year as Print assignment editor. She is very active at school; playing soccer, swim, and cross country...

Kayla Reyes

Paper Editor-In-Chief

Kayla Reyes is a junior and is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the Central Focus. Outside of newspaper, she takes part in speech and debate, cross country, and track. She’s excited to continue working on the paper and help s...

Isaiah Salin

Design editor

Isaiah Salin is a junior and it is his second year as a staff reporter and his first year as Design Editor. Isaiah enjoys listening to music, graphic design, skating and producing music. He hopes to go to college and major in g...

Craig Eddy

Podcast Editor

Craig Eddy is the coolest senior in Newspaper. He is currently the Podcast Editor for the Publications, as well as drawing comics for the website. In his free time he enjoys hanging out with friends and doodling random things....

Kana Chung

Copy editor

Kana Chung is a senior and copy editor for the FHC publications team. This is her third year on staff, and her second year as an editor. Despite her busy schedule, she always makes time to write and organize her jumbled though...

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