Spotlight Players put on “Clue”

Spotlight Players put on
December 2, 2020

Our Francis Howell Central Spotlight Players prepare for their fall production of Clue. With a whirlwind of new COVID-19 restrictions, the troupe faced never before seen challenges in putting on a...

How to Shoot Better Photos

How to Shoot Better Photos
November 16, 2020

Every year our publications feature photos from all of the fun activities and learning we do in classrooms over the year. Science experiments, art projects, class parties, you name it. With new COVID-19...

To The Class of 2020 …

Faculty members say goodbye to the class of 2020
May 18, 2020

To the class of 2020, although you didn’t get to experience your last few months of senior year as expected, the FHC staff wanted to say goodbye. The positive impact, you have had at FHC, and your strength...

The Senior Class of 2020

May 14, 2020

Science teacher Patrick Reed calls the names of students from the class of 2020 that have earned recognition from the school and/or from colleges and shares their plans for after graduation.   

2020 Local Scholarship and Francis Howell Central Departmental Award Winners

May 13, 2020

Tonight, each of Francis Howell Central's department chairs and various program leaders award their senior department awards. In addition, guidance counselor Trevor Wolfe presents several local scholarships. Thursday,...

2020 Perfect Attendance and Athletic Award Winners

May 12, 2020

Tonight, Dr. Sonny Arnel and Activities Director Sonny Arnel present perfect attendance awards to seven students who had perfect attendance throughout their four years at FHC, as well as to seven scholar-athletes...

2020 Senior Awards videos

2020 Senior Awards videos
FHC Publications is proud to host this year's senior awards videos
May 11, 2020

Francis Howell Central is proud to present its annual senior awards over the course of the next three days, as we are unable to present them in person at school. The schedule will be as follows: Tuesday,...

Board of ed candidates participate in informative forum

FHC Publications will host its fifth annual board of education candidate forum live this evening.
March 28, 2019

Sandra Ferguson, Mike Hoehn and Michelle Walker - the three candidates running for the Francis Howell Board of Education - will share their thoughts and viewpoints with the FHSD community in an open forum...

Anatomy: The Next Generation

December 14, 2018

Teaching a new course can be difficult. Mr. Scott Dauve, the past anatomy teacher, was a well-liked person. Mr. Patrick Reed has big shoes to fill as he begins to take over this class. Mr. Reed discusses...

The Publications

November 27, 2018

Here's publication's spoof on the recognizable "The Office" introduction.

Publications Recruitment Video

November 14, 2018

The members of the publications club explain why you should join, and what they enjoy most about it. Go to room 139 for an application!

Taking art to the next level

Printmaking allows students to express their creativity
October 25, 2018

Mrs. Michelle McCune's Printmaking classes use a wide variety of techniques to take visual art to the next level. They draw, paint, carve, etch, and screenprint to put a twist on a typical drawing or...

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