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The online home of the Central Focus

Inside Their Minds

Riley Wania , Photo Editor November 22, 2021

Social media has been a consuming part of the lives of many teenagers all across the world, including the ones at FHC. This video searches for the truth behind how social media can affect our generation...

Why Athletes Play Their Sports

Maya Culian and Rebecca Hornberger November 15, 2021

This is a video about the benefits and the reality of joining a fall sport at Francis Howell Central and why students should join. We tell you the highs and lows to being in a sport and why it is so beneficial...

A Cap-Tivating New Policy

Samantha Castille and Charlie Rosser November 12, 2021

FHC has happily approved the new hat policy that was placed on the district this year. Students and staff are now allowed to wear funky, cool, and fresh hats to school as much as they want! Enjoy this...

Flannel v. Fancy Friday

Maya Culian and Riley Wania May 17, 2021

  To be fancy, or not to be fancy? That is the question. Every Friday FHC is divided between those in flannel and those in fancy attire. Fancy Friday and Flannel Friday are both fun FHC traditions,...

Spartan Style: Molly McGraw

Hannah Bernard and Paige Fann April 12, 2021

Spartan Style highlights the outfits and style inspirations of students at FHC. This edition features Sophomore Molly McGraw! Molly enjoys mixing and matching pieces from a variety of sources to create...

Spartan Style: Zoe Michals

Hannah Bernard and Paige Fann March 9, 2021

Spartan Style highlights the outfits and style inspirations of students at FHC. Our first edition features Junior Zoe Michals! Zoe gets her style inspiration from a variety of sources, including the...

Teaching in a Pandemic

Riley Wania and Maya Culian February 12, 2021

We have heard countless stories of how COVID-19 has negatively impacted students, but we rarely get to hear how our teachers feel. With some teachers juggling in-person and virtual classes, this school...

Spotlight Players put on Clue

Spotlight Players put on “Clue”

Grace Hutchinson and Aniya Sparrow December 2, 2020

Our Francis Howell Central Spotlight Players prepare for their fall production of Clue. With a whirlwind of new COVID-19 restrictions, the troupe faced never before seen challenges in putting on a...

How to Shoot Better Photos

How to Shoot Better Photos

Hannah Bernard, Video Editor November 16, 2020

Every year our publications feature photos from all of the fun activities and learning we do in classrooms over the year. Science experiments, art projects, class parties, you name it. With new COVID-19...

To The Class of 2020 …

Paige Fann, Staff Photographer May 18, 2020

To the class of 2020, although you didn’t get to experience your last few months of senior year as expected, the FHC staff wanted to say goodbye. The positive impact, you have had at FHC, and your strength...

The Senior Class of 2020

Megan Percy, Web Executive Editor May 14, 2020

Science teacher Patrick Reed calls the names of students from the class of 2020 that have earned recognition from the school and/or from colleges and shares their plans for after graduation.   

2020 Local Scholarship and Francis Howell Central Departmental Award Winners

Megan Percy, Web Executive Editor May 13, 2020

Tonight, each of Francis Howell Central's department chairs and various program leaders award their senior department awards. In addition, guidance counselor Trevor Wolfe presents several local scholarships. Thursday,...

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