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Diving Into Dissection

Magi Temelkova and Rocco Muich April 28, 2023

Mr. Patrick Reed’s ZoBot class has had the opportunity for a hands-on experience dissecting the animals that they learn about during lecture. Students describe their recent starfish dissection lab, what...

The Aftermath

Aniya Sparrow and Ava Reyes January 17, 2023

Parents usually think thoroughly about their divorce decision before they file, the kids are most likely a key component in this decision. Some children feel as if they are the reason for the divorce and...

Completely Burnt

Raina Straughter and Andy Waliszewski January 11, 2023

While taking advanced placement and honors classes may look good on your college resume, these students explain the toll it has taken on their high school experience. They address the times they've missed...

Inspirational Educators

Makenzie Solis and Isabella Totra January 10, 2023

Navigating high school is difficult when coming from a smaller middle school. From freshman to senior year we've all had that one teacher that stuck with us and made an outstanding impact. These students...

Benefits of Benching

Magi Temelkova and Brock Slinkard January 9, 2023

Learn more about FHC’s weightlifting classes and the physical, mental and social benefits of weightlifting. A guide to anybody interested in taking the class or simply improving their wellness.

Credit Where It’s Due

Nathaniel Miller and Caroline Tarleton January 4, 2023

Students discuss their first hand experience with taking classes for an easy credit and how it affects the teacher’s classrooms and their learning/teaching experience. Discover how teachers and students...

The Custodial Crisis

Bryce Cash and Gavin Bearup January 3, 2023

Recently the custodial staff has been short staffed, which means more cleaning for the few that we currently have. The principals and students have been taking action to make it easier for the custodians...

Let’s Talk Dress Code

Kyly Jacobs and MaryGrace Cummings December 16, 2022

Women all over the world have been told, at least once in their life, that what they are wearing is too revealing and provocative. But what if it's just a shoulder? Or even a belly button? The female students...

Future Within FHC

Rocco Muich and Avah Pauck December 13, 2022

College seems to be a big part of growing up and moving forward in life. FHC has a growing rate of graduated students, this video gives insight on how exactly our student body will walk their own path...

Inside Their Minds

Riley Wania , Photo Editor November 22, 2021

Social media has been a consuming part of the lives of many teenagers all across the world, including the ones at FHC. This video searches for the truth behind how social media can affect our generation...

Why Athletes Play Their Sports

Maya Culian and Rebecca Hornberger November 15, 2021

This is a video about the benefits and the reality of joining a fall sport at Francis Howell Central and why students should join. We tell you the highs and lows to being in a sport and why it is so beneficial...

A Cap-Tivating New Policy

Samantha Castille and Charlie Rosser November 12, 2021

FHC has happily approved the new hat policy that was placed on the district this year. Students and staff are now allowed to wear funky, cool, and fresh hats to school as much as they want! Enjoy this...

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