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Social studies teacher Mrs. Jane Kelley smiling at the camera. Shes wearing a shirt with rectangular designs as she talks in the podcast about fashion.

A Fashionable Entrance

Ava Reyes and Lillian Seithel February 12, 2024

In this podcast, Photo Assignments editor Ava Reyes and Staff Photographer Lillian Seithel interview Mrs. Jane Kelley. They discuss Kelley’s fashion and her upcoming plans to expand her new social media...

A Colorful Personality; Gazing into the Soul

A Colorful Personality; Gazing into the Soul

Ian Rashleigh, Staff Reporter February 7, 2024

Several students and teachers were interviewed at FHC, and asked what their favorite color was, and then their responses were organized based on what personality their preferred colors go with! See how...

Injury Timeout

Makenzie Solis and Amelia Raziq February 1, 2024

In this podcast, two highly competitive athletes will talk about the adversity that they have had to face and the struggles that they have come face-to-face with when being injured. They will talk about...

Lisa Niswonger introduces Americas industrialization to her Honors United States History students.

Battle of the Subjects

Amity Ianiri, Staff Reporter January 24, 2024

Staff reporter Amity Ianiri argues on behalf of history in a discussion of core subjects with seniors Skye Hayden and Jordan Sexton. Hayden represents the sciences, whereas Sexton promotes English courses....

After winning his match, senior Noah Keen flexes in excitement as the crowd cheers him on.

Weight Cuts Leave Scars

Ava Schriber, Staff Reporter January 4, 2024

Seniors Hayden DeVilder, Sophie Johnson, Katelyn Guth and Junior Dana Thee Sanchez answer questions about the stigma's surrounding cutting weight for wrestling and they describe what their diet looks like...

Author Lynn Painter speaks to students at FHC at her author visit. Painter wrote the New York Times bestseller Better than the Movies and Mr. Wrong Number.

Writing, Romance, and Vampire Bats – an Interview with Lynn Painter

Hannah Halterman, Staff Reporter December 15, 2023

Author Lynn Painter talks on the Spartan Podcast Network about how she became a published author, her writing process, her advice for young writers, and her unique experience with vampire bats.


Collaboration Central: Change In Clubs

Anabel Gundersen, Staff Reporter May 23, 2023

Around this time in the year, clubs begin to find officers for the upcoming school year. Detailed in this podcast is the process NHS took to change presidents from senior Lizy Lopez to junior Macy Perks.


Wrestling: A sport full of Adversity

Makenzie Solis and Amelia Raziq May 23, 2023

  Amelia Raziq and Makenzie Solis dive into exploring a sport held close to both of their hearts: wrestling. The sport that gave them so much and had them looking at the bigger picture. How did...

The Art of Beatboxing

The Art of Beatboxing

Colin Nichols, Staff Reporter May 23, 2023

Junior Mason Redford has a unique talent for beatboxing, and he describes how he learned how to beatbox and why it is so important and useful to him. He explains how beatboxing is a wonderful art form...


Collaboration Central: Thoughts on Love

Samantha Castille and Rocco Muich, Photography Editor and Staff Photographer May 22, 2023

Rocco Much and Samantha Castille discuss what love means to them. Love is defined as feelings of deep affection. To some people it's a cheesy plot for a romance movie while others think it's the most beautiful...

Centertain: At Last I See the Twilight

Centertain: At Last I See the “Twilight”

Analiesa Hollowood, Staff Reporter May 15, 2023

Library Media Specialists, Ms. Flores and Mrs. LaMartina, discuss all things Twilight. Enjoy as they share laughs and stories about how Twilight has made a difference in their lives.

April Henry: The One Behind the Stories

April Henry: The One Behind the Stories

Colin Nichols, Staff Reporter May 1, 2023

Colin Nichols talks to April Henry, author of Girl Forgotten, Girl Stolen, Body In The Woods and Two Truths And a Lie about her new books and unique writing processes.

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