The Central Focus, FHCtoday and Odyssey are the award-winning publication family of Francis Howell Central. The Central Focus and Odyssey began publishing in 1997, and began publishing on FHCtoday in 2009. We also produce an annual Literary Magazine, The Perihelion and a broadcast publication, iFocus.

All of our publications have been nominated for and won a number of awards. The Central Focus was a Pacemaker finalist in 2013 and FHCtoday has been a Pacemaker finalist three times, as well as winning the Pacemaker award in 2011. FHCtoday has also won the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Crown award twice. Odyssey has won a number of state yearbook awards from MIPA and the Scholastic Press Association. Staff members of all publications have been honored with a number of awards including Missouri State Student Journalist of the Year in 2013.

To apply to join a publications staff, pick up an application from outside room 139 or ask a staff member.

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To contact the staff about advertising opportunities, content questions, or anything else, you can tweet @FHCToday, or email our advisor Matthew Schott at matthew.schott@fhsdschools.org.

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