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Nuclear Explosions and Bright Pink Dolls

Nuclear Explosions and Bright Pink Dolls

Thomas Ramos, Staff Reporter September 29, 2023

In late July of this past summer, the latest pop phenomenon, “Barbenheimer” came to a head. Both "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer" released in theaters on July 21, having young children and history buffs...

Library media specialist Cassandra Flores running and event from the Griot Museum. This activity allows students to learn in an engaging and interactive way.

Solace in the Commons

Nolan Haberstroh, Staff Reporter May 24, 2023

As the bell rings and seminar begins, students start to file into the Learning Commons. After they sign in, the students are directed to tables in the center of the area, where themed snacks and drinks...

Chemistry teacher Mr. Scott Thorpe teaches his class about elements and their bonds with each other. Thorpe, who won teacher of the year in 2011, is known for his passionate and engaging teaching style. He plans to retire at the end of this year.

Retiring With a Legacy

Nolan Haberstroh, Staff Reporter May 23, 2023

As senior Andrew Johnson makes his way through his final year of high school, he often thinks back to his junior year. His English III class, taught by  Mrs. Patricia Shockley, had been one of his favorite...

Elaina Rainwater, one of the organizers for a game of Senior Assassin stands with goggles on. Wearing goggles is the only way to guarantee safety in Senior Assassin.

Last Senior Standing

Nolan Haberstroh, Staff Reporter May 18, 2023

As senior Nathan Reitz makes his way through his daily life, every time he leaves home or school grounds, he’s on edge. He’s always aware of his surroundings, checking any area he enters for signs...

Two suitcases sit on the beach sands of California, the suitcases in front of a beautiful ocean alongside a healthy palm tree. Illustration by Moth Payne.

Flowering Travels

Moth Payne, Staff Reporter May 1, 2023

Excitement fills the atmosphere as tourists dash down the streets of Los Angeles, California, as the breeze flies through junior Sam Maxwell’s hair, laughing alongside her family as she walks down the...

Illustrated by Kailey Pallares

Pardon My Garden

Kailey Pallares, Staff Reporter April 28, 2023

As the weather warms up and spring quickly approaches, students are looking for fun activities to do during these sunny months. Many students play outdoor sports during Spring and the Summer months, but...

Sierra Brummes first tattoo captured days after getting it. She wanted to dedicate her first tattoo to her father. Photo curtesy of Sierra Brumme

Permanently Painted

Cadence Rulo, Staff Reporter March 6, 2023

The buzzing sound of needles rings through the shop while the smell of antiseptic fills your nostrils. The dream of getting a tattoo becomes a reality. Senior Sierra Brumme is a canvas for not one, but...

Franklin and Chad eagerly swim towards the glass as they notice people entering the classroom. Photo taken by Kyly Jacobs.

Up Against The Glass

Amity Ianiri, Staff Reporter March 3, 2023

Entering Room 221 during the school week, students may notice people flocking around Kelly Staback’s tank as Taylor Spies [ Long term maternity substitute teacher for Mrs. Staback] wraps up a presentation...

Biscuits squirms over to greet Gravy who is snuggled up inside of a warm blanket that looks like a bee. Photos by Brock Slinkard.

Fuzzy Friends

Amity Ianiri , Staff Reporter February 28, 2023

Walking past the guidance office this year, students may overhear squeaking, alongside the laughter of students. These noises can be attributed to Biscuits and Gravy, the two Guinea pigs currently residing...

The Speech and Debate team posing for a photo.

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

Colin Nichols, Staff Reporter February 3, 2023

Argumentation. Domination. Emotion. All of these words represent what goes down during a typical Speech and Debate tournament. Seniors Zain Bari and Platinum Liang express unique teamwork in various events...

Strange People, Stranger Conversations

Strange People, Stranger Conversations

Nolan Haberstroh, Staff Reporter January 24, 2023

Late last summer, senior Santino Cirami and some close friends of his were walking around Main Street, St. Charles, looking for somewhere to eat. Down the street, the group was surprised to see an individual...

The Improv Intensive team pretends to be shocked at something in the distance.

The Superior Spotlight

Andy Waliszewski, Staff Photographer January 20, 2023

The FHC Spotlight Players have been planning tirelessly for ways to get more visibility in the thespian community, including performing at the Renaissance Festival this past fall and selling Richard...

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