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Reese McDevitt looks at the course ahead during a cross country race. McDevitt set a school record of 19:16.7 this year to become the fastest female junior in school history.

A Hunger to CompEAT

Hannah Halterman, Staff Reporter May 22, 2024

As the official blows his whistle to signal five minutes until the cross country race begins, runner Laney Parmeley rips open a packet of Skittles while Reese McDevitt drinks honey from a small bottle....

Hannah Halterman holds the baton in her hand, as she focuses in and prepares for her first race of the meet.

Ice baths: Are they worth it?

Colin Nichols, Web Editor-In-Chief May 2, 2024

Recovery. Many athletes and those who are physically active have all heard of this word. But in a world where sports and athletic activities are increasingly becoming more popular and widespread, misinformation...

Senior Collin Parsons hugs activities director Scott Harris as a final thank you to him for all hes done.

Passing the Baton

Kaitlyn Morgan, Staff photographer April 24, 2024

On Apr. 16, the FHC Spartans held a track meet, officially renamed the Bob Breuer Invitational after retired coach Bob Breuer, to show their appreciation for him. This night was filled with many emotions...

Freshman Taylei Sesson focuses before kicking off her 4x1 race.

Pushing the Pace

Rachel Blanchard and Kaitlyn Morgan April 23, 2024

Between discus, javelin, hurdles, and more, it’s obvious that track and field is not a sport that can be easily fit into a box. And with so many different skills crammed under the one overarching...

Freshman Elle McDevitt, hurls her body over the bar. In the midst of clearing the bar, her legs flailed as she tried not to hit the bar.

Taking Off

Mallory Davie, Staff Photographer March 22, 2024

Spartan runners and other track affiliated event participants prepared for the current track season with a quad kick-off at our home track with Francis Howell, Francis Howell North, and Fort Zumwalt...

Two students manage to do the warrior pose in perfect form.

Track and Tretch

Laila Alkhatib, Staff Photographer January 31, 2024

On January 26 2024,The track team introduced yoga into its training regimen. Athletes accustomed to high-intensity drills embraced the change, trading track shoes for mats. The poses and stretches...

Senior Grace Bannon walks up to the diving board, getting ready to attempt another dive. In diving, confidence is key to her jump being successful.

Giving It A Shot

Thomas Ramos, Staff Reporter December 13, 2023

It’s 6:30 p.m. on a Sunday evening, and the Bowling Club is having another practice. Junior Riley Winkler rolls his third strike in a row, earning himself a turkey sticker. He then stows away the sticker...

Spartans on track and field prepare to beat the clock -- and their opponents -- at a meet. The athletes practiced hard so they could give their best. (Ava Reyes)

Conquering the Track

Amber Davis, Staff Reporter May 16, 2023

The 2023 track and field season is underway, and many achievements have already been met by the team. From pole vaulting to mile runs, the Spartans truly have many moments to celebrate about. For some,...

Sophomore Essence Sabree runs first in the 100-meter race.

Girls Track and Field Springs Ahead

Ava Reyes, Staff Photographer April 28, 2023

The girls junior varsity Track and Field team had a meet on Monday, Apr. 24. The girls ran up against Francis Howell North and Fort Zumwalt West. Both sophomore Essence Sabree and junior Destiny Ragle...

In it for the Long Haul: Ezra Bailey in the middle of running the 1,600 meter for track and field.

Sprinting to the End

Lauren Rohde, Staff Reporter May 31, 2022

Following the unforeseen pandemic-focused school years, the 2021-2022 school year has been spent rebuilding the spirits of Spartan nation. Most activities enjoyed by the majority of the student body were...

Freshman McKenzie Myers touches the bar in her pole vault.

Clearing the Bar

Charlie Rosser, Staff Photographer May 1, 2022

The boys and girls track and field team raced on the track on April 6 against Fort Zumwalt West, Fort Zumwalt South, Troy, and others. But for people like sophomore pole vaulter Ava Schriber, the main...

Junior Rolen McDevitt leaps over the pole in his high jump.

Meeting in Memory

Charlie Rosser, Staff Photographer April 27, 2022

On April 1, the boys and girls track and field team competed against Fort Zumwalt South, Troy, Howell and others here on the track in the Todd Bizzell Memorial. Whether competing in the javelin throw or...

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