A soft blue glow shrouds the Thrive Rom in an aura of calm. The Thrive Room, or Behavioral Specialist Room, is a place where students can go to destress in times of mental anguish, as well as receive resources for mental health troubles.

Helping Students Thrive

Behavioral specialist offers comfort to struggling adolescents
Tea Perez, Web Editor-in-Chief April 26, 2021

When walking into the Thrive Room, one is met with an ambiance unlike any other seen on the rest of campus. Lights are dimmed, while sensory lights emit a soft blue glow. Mrs. Kalinda Dixon is...

Mental Illness, Meds and Me

Mental Illness, Meds and Me

Sydney Tran shares her story about mental health
Sydney Tran, Staff Reporter April 26, 2021

The hardest part isn’t the mental illness, the hardest part is stepping out of your comfort zone to fight it. It took me years to get help because it was easier to talk to friends than my parents....

A teenage girl basked in blue light stands with a stoic expression cast onto her face. Above her, a thought bubble floats; it encompasses the causes of her mental distress: relationship and communication issues, home troubles and overwhelming school work. All are example of potential factors that affect mental health.

Recognizing the Roots

An important part of a mental health journey is understanding sources of these issues
Kayla Reyes, Print Co-Editor-in-Chief April 26, 2021

From an early age, senior Nathan Shaver knew all too well the struggles of battling mental illness. Ranging from social anxiety and sensory issues to depression and manic episodes, Shaver has dealt...

A dead phone sits plugged into a charger. The phone represents mental health, which must stay energized to keep a person from mentally crashing.

Battling Low Battery

Students struggle to stay mentally charged
Natalie Walsh and Kayla Reyes April 26, 2021

There are several obstacles that we face that drain us. Our homework load, jobs, sports, and activities name a few. We charge ourselves through sleep where we obtain the energy to surge through...



Students and teachers must change their perspectives to improve mental health
Tea Perez, Web Editor-in-Chief April 26, 2021

Coach Radigan starts each class period by having his students repeat the identity statement. it is a series of

Mental Health and Wellness

Coach Radigan creates a safe space for students in his classes
Sophie Delaney, Staff Reporter April 26, 2021

Walking into class, I was feeling down. Life was difficult. There had been lots of overwhelming factors I could not control. Hours of homework, two-and-a-half hour sports practice every day,...

An adolescent girl stands, her face emotionless. The drained battery plastered onto her temple represents the lack of mental energy caused by mental issues.

Managing Mental Health

Destigmatizing emotional troubles is the first step in understanding it
Maddy Mabray, Staff Reporter April 23, 2021

Mental health has long been surrounded by a stigma of fear and shame, but in recent years, the recognition and knowledge about the subject has considerably opened up. The ideas that once surrounded...

Laurie Fay

Riley Wania and Holly McClintock March 18, 2021

“I don’t require cameras to be on, so not having the real ‘normal’ interaction is sad to me. I thrive off of my audience, just as a comedian or a public speaker does,” - Mrs....

Erick Webster

Madi Hermeyer March 17, 2021

Lindsay Rathnow

Jack Lorenz March 17, 2021

Bridging the Virtual Divide

Bridging the Virtual Divide

Online teachers serve as virtual students’ connection to the classroom
Tea Perez and Essy Ingram March 17, 2021

The learning approach students and teachers have known for their entire lives has suffered a critical alteration. A certain coronavirus pandemic has pressured schools across the nation and in the Francis...

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