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A computer with a note on it reading, Computer...does NOT work...Please sign in with attendance secretary, after the lack of Wi-fi made technology and teaching with technology impossible.

Alternate Methods of Disruption

Ian Rashleigh, Ava Schriber March 7, 2024

Freshman Caleb Calvin stares at his phone during his Spanish II class. Foreign language classes have lost many students attention in the last few years.

Students Bid Foreign Language Classes Adieu

Hannah Halterman, Staff Reporter January 4, 2024

Freshman Caleb Calvin sits scrolling on his phone in his Spanish II class after finishing his assignments for the day.  Although Calvin likes the class, he isn’t sure if he has any interest in pursuing...

Emily Tobin holds up a flag while walking with the rest of the Color Guard.

Catching The Moment

Moth Payne, Web Assignments Editor November 30, 2023

 The flags fly to the air, as motivational and inspiring music plays across the room. Junior Toby Kelly, a color guard member for two seasons now, dances alongside his fellow team members, people that...

 The singer SZAs opening credits before her concert.

The Concert Craze

Kailey Pallares, Staff Reporter November 15, 2023

Throughout the summer, early fall and now almost entering winter, many different bands and artists have visited St. Louis during their respective tours, or plan to be visiting soon. The concert surge in...

Illustration by Birdie Brereton

How Low Can You Go?

Ethan Kull, Staff Reporter November 6, 2023

One morning, junior Luke Paulus was sitting in his car outside the school, waiting for it to turn 6:45 so he could enter. He became curious and decided to check his screen time and he was very happy to...

Guidance Counselor Kris Miller smiles at the camera as he supervises students entering into 4A lunch. He and many other staff have started taking up new responsibilities around the school.

Short-Staffed Struggles

Thomas Ramos, Staff Reporter October 13, 2023

A substitute arrives at their assigned classroom before the clocks in the school show 7:00 a.m. wondering how their newfound long-term position will fare. A teacher makes their last preparations for the...

Student in French class waits for Chromebook to load.

RAM or Slug

Asher Wilson, Staff Reporter October 12, 2023

Technology is a huge part of school life. Students rely on technology to complete and turn in assignments more often than not, and teachers use Smart Boards and computers to present and teach assignments....

The Spotlight Players dress up as the characters from The Wizard of Oz to show their school spirit. On Thursday September 28th, the FHC sports and clubs walked in the 2023 Hoco Parade.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Sophie Rosser, Staff Reporter October 6, 2023

Now that the world has started to move farther away from 2020 and all of the disasters it brought along with it, many groups are left with the task of bringing back the routine pre-pandemic. The FHC club...

Senior JoAnna Grgurich partakes in worship at Waypoint Church. Since joining Waypoint, Grgurich has come to find peace in her connection with god.

Bearing Bliss

Reilly Scobey, Print Assignment Editor May 22, 2023

Waking up everyday can begin to feel demanding.  The ringing of your morning alarm demanding your immediate attention. Debating whether you should continue lying there or the inevitable, leaving the comfort...

Zariya Robertson motivates her team during timeout at a girls varsity volleyball game.

Glee At FHC

Amity Ianiri, Staff Reporter May 18, 2023

The Upperclassmen of FHC are finishing out their year strong with many students reflecting on the highlights of this past school year. Looking back can give students the opportunity to recognize the...

Toxic Masculinity Graphic. By Aly Wittig.

The Timelessness of Toxicity

Alyssa Wittig, Staff Reporter May 10, 2023

“Boys don’t cry,” “be a real man,” and “man up,” are all phrases boys have heard and will continue to hear for the rest of their lives. In times of extreme grief, panic, anguish, and distress,...

A student stands in a crowd full of people, glaring into the distance. The lighting of blue and red surrounded him as he took in the night. Photo by Samantha Castille.

A Night to Remember

Moth Payne, Staff Reporter May 8, 2023

 Junior Zariya Robertson runs her fingers against the hangers that are showcased on the rack, the metal of each one clinking together, creating a rhythmic beat of indecisiveness. Which one would be the...

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