Unmasking Mental Health

Unmasking Mental Health

Amidst an ongoing coronavirus pandemic is another crisis: a mental illness outbreak
Sydney Tran, Staff Reporter January 21, 2021

A mask can protect you from the Coronavirus, it can also hide your face. The window into seeing how someone is doing mentally. Many people are suffering from the respiratory symptoms of COVID-19,...

A Year of COVID-19

A Year of COVID-19

Kayla Reyes, Co Editor-in-Chief January 21, 2021

Going Through The Motions

Going Through The Motions

Lorelei Hill, Yearbook Editor-in-Chief January 21, 2021

March like everyone else, I assumed that we were going to get an extra week of spring break. When I left school that day, I was just excited to get a break from homework and waking up early. I saw friends...

The Quaran-teens

The Quaran-teens

How the COVID-19 pandemic has affected students according to those who tested positive
Faith Beckmann, Staff Reporter January 21, 2021

On Friday, Nov. 13, senior Anna West received the news that someone she had close contact with in class had tested positive for COVID-19. She had been planning to run lights for the school’s play that...

Unmasking The Effects

Unmasking The Effects

Whether you’ve had it, been quarantined because of it, or simply missed your classmates, everyone has felt COVID’s effects
Natalie Walsh, Co Editor-in-Chief January 21, 2021

The Cellular Level of  COVID-19

The Cellular Level of COVID-19

Natalie Walsh, Co Editor-in-Chief January 21, 2021

A Year With COVID

A Year With COVID

In a year where everything changed, Spartan Nation persevered and changed right along with everyone else
Tea Perez, Web Editor-In-Chief January 21, 2021

Harmaan's workspace shows off just a few of the masks she's made. Masks are one of the most vital necessities to keep oneself and others safe during this pandemic.

Stitching Together During The Pandemic

Lesa Haarman Makes Masks to Aid Her Community in the Midst of COVID-19
Rachel Vrazel, Staff Reporter January 19, 2021

When people first began to feel the full effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic in March, as Missourians and others across the world  were required to stay at home as much as possible for weeks at a time, many...

 A police officer kneels with an injured individual; another raises a baton, striking a person who cradles out of fear. The figures are made of newspaper, demonstrating that, regardless of whether explicitly stated, much of the media has taken a stance on the topic of police brutality.

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Are individual officers at fault for police brutality, or is the system responsible?
Natalie Walsh, Print Co Editor-in-Chief November 20, 2020

Unfortunately, not everything is black and white. The yins and yangs of our universe aren’t separated with clear lines. The morality of our actions is, and forever will be, ambiguous. Trying to separate...

A black fist is held up, representing the Black Lives Matter Movement. Since its founding, the fist has been one of its symbols.

Does the Movement Matter?

A look into students’ perspectives on the Black Lives Matter movement
Essy Ingram, Staff Reporter November 20, 2020

It is a wide-scale invasion. Materializing on plasma screens, dotting social networks, commandeering headlines of outlets everywhere. No conversation is too far away from the potential permeation of its...

An IPhone displays an Instagram feed from June 2, 2020-- Blackout Tuesday. Supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement posted black squares to show their solidarity for Black people in a time of racial injustice.

Artificial Activism

Insincere support of a cause drowns out actual advocates’ messages
Kayla Reyes, Print Co Editor-in-Chief November 20, 2020

As senior Anna West scrolls through Instagram in the early afternoon of June 2, her screen is periodically flooded with a wave of darkness. Instead of a feed composed of birthday posts and selfies and...

Civil Rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. leads a group of protesters at a rally in the 1960’s. Like the Civil Rights movement, current protests have become a popular way to show support for racial equality

Headways Through History

The push for change by Black Lives Matter supporters parallels that of Civil Rights activists
Faith Jacoby, Staff Reporter November 20, 2020

As protestors wipe the sweat off their foreheads and tears off their cheeks, they march forward. The streets are full of people treading towards the Lincoln Memorial as the late August sun beams down on...

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