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Fighting to Focus

Hannah Bernard, Multimedia Editor April 19, 2022

After a long day at school, freshman Quinn Douglas joins her family at the table for dinner. She is overwhelmed by the sounds of her sister chewing, forks clattering, and her mom asking her how her...

New Friends, Familiar Faces

Tea Perez and Sydney Tran April 12, 2022

Clinton Payne Sophomore Clinton Payne, like most kids, loves going outside. When he is in his Adaptive PE class, you can count on him being outside on the track on nice warm days. He will skip,...

Accommodations and Inclusion

Faith Beckmann, Newspaper Editor April 11, 2022

As the rest of the track team begins to warm up for its afternoon practice, junior Jason Kuhn works with his brother, freshman Jeremy Kuhn, to ensure that he understands each exercise. As the team begins...

CULTURAL CLOTHING: Senior Faustino Javier displaying clothes from the Philippines. Javier is a first generation American and stays in touch with the culture of his parents through tradition. His family does it not only through holding onto clothing but especially through food.

Holding onto Heritage

Clara Kilen, Staff Reporter February 11, 2022

An extravagant spread is laid out on banana leaves and a family gathers around to begin the feast. There are no utensils laid out and no plates in sight. They eat the food with their hands and...

Moving for More

Faith Beckmann, Newspaper Editor February 11, 2022

As she sits at her desk grading papers, a Canadian flag hangs to the right of social studies teacher Ms. Barb Riti. Unlike some teachers who hang flags in their classrooms because they teach...

Flying her Flag: Sophomore Maria Velasquez stands smiling while holding up the Colombian flag. Valesquez and her family immigrated to the U.S. from Colom- bia when she was 13 years old. When she first moved to the United States, Valequez did not know how to speak English. Over time and with a lot work and help from those around her, she has been able to learn the new language and is thriving.

Language Barriers

Lorelai Finoch, Staff Reporter February 11, 2022

The process of learning another language is admirable and trying, at best, and as communication is possibly one of the most important things in day-to-day life, things become infinitely more...

Junior Reena Barghchoun poses in a traditional Lebanese wrap holding a figurine of a cedar tree, the symbol of Lebanon. These items allow Barghchoun and her mother, Sahar Arnaout keep the memory of Lebanon alive in their home.

Insight on Immigration

Tea Perez, Editor-in-Chief February 11, 2022

Junior Reena Barghchoun sits with her mother Sahar Arnaout as she listens to her stories of life back in Lebanon years ago. She listens to her talk of her childhood, in awe that the resilient...



Rachel Vrazel, Web Editor February 11, 2022

All Dine, No Dash

Tea Perez, Editor-in-Chief October 21, 2021

Walking into lunch this year students are met with the excited chattering and full tables of the crowded cafeteria. Due to last year’s COVID-19 restrictions, the school implemented five lunches,...

Transition to Traditional

Transition to Traditional

Rachel Vrazel, Web Editor October 21, 2021

Senior Lauren Sirtak walks into the school building, smiling at her friends and heading to her first hour Human Body Systems class. An involved student ready to enjoy all of the wonder and excitement...

Seeing Double

Elisa Carter, Staff Reporter October 21, 2021

The last two years have been nothing less than chaotic. Even though we have come back to school with COVID-19 calmed, it is still apparent that has been an adjustment. One adjustment that everyone...

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