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Senior JoAnna Grgurich partakes in worship at Waypoint Church. Since joining Waypoint, Grgurich has come to find peace in her connection with god.

Bearing Bliss

Reilly Scobey , Print Assignment Editor May 22, 2023

Waking up everyday can begin to feel demanding.  The ringing of your morning alarm demanding your immediate attention. Debating whether you should continue lying there or the inevitable, leaving the comfort...

Zariya Robertson motivates her team during timeout at a girls varsity volleyball game.

Glee At FHC

Amity Ianiri, Staff Reporter May 18, 2023

The Upperclassmen of FHC are finishing out their year strong with many students reflecting on the highlights of this past school year. Looking back can give students the opportunity to recognize the...

Toxic Masculinity Graphic. By Aly Wittig.

The Timelessness of Toxicity

Alyssa Wittig, Staff Reporter May 10, 2023

“Boys don’t cry,” “be a real man,” and “man up,” are all phrases boys have heard and will continue to hear for the rest of their lives. In times of extreme grief, panic, anguish, and distress,...

A student stands in a crowd full of people, glaring into the distance. The lighting of blue and red surrounded him as he took in the night. Photo by Samantha Castille.

A Night to Remember

Moth Payne, Staff Reporter May 8, 2023

 Junior Zariya Robertson runs her fingers against the hangers that are showcased on the rack, the metal of each one clinking together, creating a rhythmic beat of indecisiveness. Which one would be the...

Sea of senior spartans chant.

The High school Experience

Ian Spencer, Staff Reporter May 8, 2023

As the class of 2023’s final year of high school is nearing the end, it's time to acknowledge the seniors' unique experience. The start of spring break freshman year turned into a lengthy quarantine...

The presence of a weapon at the Feb. 3 basketball game - annually one of the most well-attended games - left the district facing issues about school safety.

Howell. It Could Happen Here

April 30, 2023

As gun laws become less restricted, we hear more cases about students bringing guns to school. A young kid with a gun sounds contradictory but is a common occurrence, even though they represent very different...

Safety in public spaces is of the utmost importance to those who make calls for policy changes, security adjustments, and justice in places where communities have been threatened.

Safety in Numbers

Lorelai Finoch, Central Focus Editor-in-Chief April 24, 2023

There will always be risks in life, even in places where we would expect that we are at our safest, something Dr. Suzanne Leake learned quickly in her duration as an administrator. Though not much can...

Illustration by Birdie Brereton

Hidden in the Masses

Alyssa Wittig, Staff Reporter April 19, 2023

On Friday, Feb. 3, 2023, Francis Howell Central played Francis Howell North in the large gym at 7pm. It was the ‘Coaches vs. Cancer’ game and also the ‘Future Spartan Night,’ in which cheerleaders...

Illustration by Moth Payne

Coping with Violence

Emme Bernard, Staff Reporter April 17, 2023

February 3rd. Hundreds of students came to watch the Central v North basketball game. It was a game day to raise awareness for cancer and raise money, but it turned into a night that will be remembered...

Family Feuds

Family Feuds

Sarah Schmidt, Web Assignments Editor April 11, 2023

Sitting around the table, conversation flows back and forth between family members until the inevitable pops up. Politics. One slip of a word and a once rumbling chatter turns into deafening noise as members...

Senior Jack Patton smiles with his mom. They stand together to capture the moment at a family dinner.Photo courtesy of Jack Patton

Functioning Family

Cadence Rulo, Staff Reporter March 10, 2023

The ringing 5:45 morning alarm wakes senior Jack Patton up for school. He meets with his girlfriend in the parking lot, walks to class, and goes about his school day. He heads to Salvatore's Italian Restaurant...

The family tree represents all the different varieties of family dynamics. Every family is unique, much like every person is unique.

Dynamically Different

Analiesa Hollowood, Staff Reporter March 1, 2023

It’s been a long week. Guidance counselor, Mr. Dustin Bailey finally gets home after January 5th’s academic night ready to collapse into bed, but unfortunately his 4-year-old has other plans. Xander...

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