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A pile of jeans lays folded on a clothing rack. These jeans have been abandoned and their owner has forgotten the joy that they can bring.

Jamming With Jeans

Abby Myers, Staff Reporter May 26, 2024

I was absolutely appalled by what I had just heard. I was standing in line to use the bathroom during lunch, so of course the line was long. I heard 3 girls across the bathroom using the most slanderous...

A dedicated fan sits in their room surrounded by Taylor Swift perch, hugging the new albums vinyl close to their chest with their heart healing with the music. Despite the joy brought to the fan, Swift sang in the duration of the Eras Tour with an already broken heart. Illustration by Moth Payne.

A Song For The Heart

Moth Payne, Staff Reporter May 25, 2024

  Everywhere you go, there’s always music echoing through the area. Whether it be through the loud city’s speakers, in a civilian's earbuds, through someone’s electronic device, an artist using...

Graphic by Hannah Halterman

A Culinary Catastrophe?

Hannah Halterman, Staff Reporter May 24, 2024

Blast to the Past

Blast to the Past

Asher Wilson, Staff Reporter May 23, 2024

When I think of foods that bring back the most childhood memories my mind immediately goes to dino nuggets.  I remember playing with these before I chowed down even though my mom had a strict no playing...

A person stands in front of the mirror, their thoughts spiraling around them as they stare down at their weight reflected in the mirror. Due to the standard of food and weight, it made it harder to accept their body for what it is, and not just some number. Illustration by Birdie Brereton.

Imperfect Perspective

Moth Payne, Staff Reporter May 22, 2024

I stand up on the scale just outside of my room, a mirror set against the wall as I stare in horror looking down at the measurement, weighing me at a ‘disgusting’ number of 210. Later that night, I...

Editors Emme Bernard and Birdie Brereton dress up in their ideal Met Gala outfits. Graphic by Birdie Brereton

Garden Gala

Emme Bernard and Birdie Brereton May 21, 2024

EMME BERNARD   The Met Gala is known for its designer outfits worn by the biggest A-list celebrities, and with this event comes criticism on if the outfits match the theme or were just trying...

Senior Stevie Lupo listening to music after being done with her work. Everyone listens to music differently.

Music is Everything

Colin Nichols, Web Editor-in-Chief May 20, 2024

Life is fast. Sometimes so fast all you can do is just exist until the sun comes up again. Music can slow it down. Many songs sound as if the artist is crying out to someone — and that’s because they...

Olivia Rodrigo dazzles the St. Louis crowd at Enterprise Center on March 12 of this year.

Shuffling Through Life

Kailey Pallares, Staff Reporter May 20, 2024

Walking through the entrance at FHC,  I didn’t understand how my own music taste could be so detrimental to finding who I was as a person, or finding the people around me. I always viewed music as something...

A couple of energy drinks are spread across the table dominated by a sprawl of folders, notebooks, and worksheets. This scene is not shocking as many students have caffeine addictions.

Caffeination Abomination

Amity Ianiri, Staff Reporter May 19, 2024

My screeching alarm blares violently, as I scramble to get out of bed in the morning. I clamber downstairs, with a subtle headache clouding my morning thoughts. Though my body feels heavy, the clock keeps...

Two partisan extremes arguing over an issue and not compromising or reaching any common ground. This disagreement creates a deep chasm between too unwavering cliffs with different opinions, and makes those willing to compromise crazy as the polarization of extreme ideals leads to deep division between the two groups. Illustration by Birdie Brereton

Polar Opposites

Colin Nichols, Web Editor-in-Chief May 17, 2024

Tyler Joseph, the lead singer for the band Twenty-One Pilots, and his now two-person band with percussionist Josh Dun had been my initial introduction to the magical genre of alternative rock, and their...

Amity Ianiri sits in the Missouri Senate chamber. She was a part of Youth and Government for four years.

Decadence Through Difference

Amity Ianiri, Staff Reporter May 16, 2024

With hesitance, I set foot in the Senate chamber. My eyes dart across the room, as I frantically search for my desk. I place down the few items I had brought along with me. My blazer tightens as I begin...

The In-Between

The In-Between

Asher Wilson, Staff Reporter April 30, 2024

When people hear “I don’t have an opinion on that” or, “Oh, I'm politically neutral” they typically start thinking negatively about that person or their beliefs. Most people however jump into...

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