A figure stands with a mountain of insecurities looming over them. The high stakes many gifted kids put on themselves can create tough hurdles to overcome.

Aptitude Sickness

Tea Perez, Web Editor-in-Chief February 1, 2021

School is hard. Anyone can admit that, and just about every student can agree. Of course there’s varying degrees of struggle. Some students excel in STEM-based subjects, others in literature and social...

Untying Myself

Untying Myself

First jobs help build confidence, shed introversion
Faith Beckmann, Staff Reporter January 29, 2021

My mom made one thing very clear to me when I reached high school: the moment I turned 16 I would go and get a job. It was the same plan she had used and perfected for my two older sisters before me and...

The red polish spilt on the floor represents the way businesses have been hemorrhaging money like blood.

A Nail in the Coffin

Small businesses are suffering more than ever due to closures.
Sydney Tran, Staff Reporter January 28, 2021

Every once in a while, I get the common question of “What do your parents do for a living?” Keeping in mind I do fairly well in school, many people assume my parents are doctors or scientists. But...

Donald Trump faces off with Uncle Sam as the Capitol building serves as their ring. The fight to maintain democracy persists after the attack on the Capitol.

A Failed Attempt at Trumping Democracy

A head to head battle against Trump and Democracy: Democracy wins.
Tea Perez, Web Editor-in-Chief January 11, 2021

Stand back and stand by. These words so famously uttered by President Donald Trump at the first presidential debate last year have viciously reverberated back after last wednesday’s occurrences. After...

The Capitol building burning in a metaphorical Trump flag flame. Although the building was not burned down during the riot, there is a lot of damage done to the building and the nation's reputation.

The Capitol Has Fallen

A real-life "Olympus Has Fallen" attack has occurred, but not from highly trained terrorists, but people with Trump flags.
Sydney Tran, Staff Reporter January 7, 2021

I remember the day Biden won. It felt like a weight was taken off my shoulders. I felt relief seeing people dancing on the streets rejoicing, banging pots and pans from their homes, shouting to the world:...

Elisa Carter stands, at first covering her midriff and eventually embracing it. As Carter has learned to reject beauty standards, she has grown more comfortable with her body.

Battling Beauty Standards

Societal expectations for beauty can impact self-esteem
Elisa Carter, Staff-Reporter December 2, 2020

In today’s world you are taught to hide the “ugly” parts about you. Now, your parents didn’t sit you down and tell you to cover and change everything about you, at least mine didn’t. I learned...

A woman stares at a screen in monochromatic shades. As technology grows more important in our daily lives, it becomes harder and harder to find life outside of its addictive grasp.

All Too Easy

Exposing our regression when we allow social media to overtake our lives
Maddy Mabray, Staff Reporter November 20, 2020

When our normal lives closed for months on end, a new life opened, one of social media. And though it had been used for decades prior to COVID, the long hours at home passing in monotony led to an increase...

A paper doll is surrounded by jokes about suicide. Thoughtless comments about suicide trigger pain to those suffering from suicide loss.

The Jokes Need to Stop

Why jokes about suicide aren't funny
Maddy Mabray, Staff Reporter November 20, 2020

Four years ago my mom answered a phone call. I was sitting across from her when I first heard cries through the phone. Her dad committed suicide. From there, and through the chaotic events that still follow,...

Students stay in school and receive a normal education, but at what costs? Masks save lives just as much as quarantining does.

If It’s Broke, Don’t Break it More

Our current contact tracing system has its flaws, but the new proposed system is significantly worse
Natalie Walsh, Co Editor-in-Chief November 19, 2020

Let’s say, hypothetically, there was a virus spreading across the world killing over 200,000 Americans with no end in sight. Hypothetically speaking, it would be safe to assume that precautions would...

Headlines from newsources Deadline, CBC, Entertainment Weekly, and The Hollywood Reporter show a small portion of the amount of diverse shows Netflix has canceled.

Up Next, Underrepresentation

Netflix continues to cancel their shows with diversity and representation, but at what cost?
Faith Beckmann, Staff Reporter November 10, 2020

As someone who has a sister who is a member of the LGBTQ+ community, nothing makes me happier than seeing her smile as she animatedly describes a new TV show or movie she’s found with characters she...

Biden speaking at a rally in Missouri, pre-covid. Biden is currently the president-elect.

Biden: A New Era of Promise

A win for the Democrats; a victory for democracy
Tea Perez, Web Editor-in-Chief November 9, 2020

Murmurs of Nevada, Georgia, and Pennsylvania littered the hallways, classrooms, and lives of us all this past week. Taking a quick scan of any classroom revealed at least one phone displaying a map of...

A girl pulls back her eye for the fox-eye trend compared to a geniune Asian eye. Trends like these, to the Asian community, seem like a way to mimic their inherited eyes. Even though they endured years of ridicule, when models do it they are beautiful.

Comfort in Offensive Content

Unsympathetic users have found a platform for derogatory trends
Sydney Tran, Staff Reporter November 9, 2020

People take comfort in the anonymity platforms offer. It serves as a shield against real repercussions. As a result, people have crossed the lines multiple times at the expense of hurting thousands, if...

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