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Illustration by Birdie Brereton

Why Not Use It?

Hannah Halterman, Staff Reporter April 23, 2024

There is little in this world that divides people more than politics. Riots break out in the streets over political issues; things can even turn ugly at the Thanksgiving dinner table when political subjects...

Fallen Feathers

Fallen Feathers

Sophie Rosser, Staff Reporter April 10, 2024

Although there are few situations where one compares the Greek myth Icarus to the burnt-out AP student, the idea of “flying too close to the sun” seems to be a concept that applies to the comparison....

Candidate Steven Blair answers one of many questions provided at the Forum. Throughout the evening, candidates took stabs at plenty of topics.

Public School Politics

Thomas Ramos, Web Assignments Editor April 8, 2024

For the Francis Howell School District, Jan. 18, 2024 had a schedule unlike other days. Students arrived on time, classes and lunches proceeded as scheduled, more than 300 students from all three high...

Questioning Our Culture

Questioning Our Culture

Kailey Pallares, Staff Reporter March 20, 2024

On my average day as a trend-following seventeen year old girl, my finger taps on the TikTok icon a hundred times a day. I fall into my daily deepdive of  “Get ready with me!” videos from overly privileged...

Stupid Cupid

Stupid Cupid

Birdie Brereton, Print Assignments Editor March 19, 2024

Handholding, kissing, giving flowers, all actions with a romantic connotation attached to it, but it can just as easily be used in a platonic or familial sense. A father holding hands with his daughter...

Traffic during dismissal time at the end of the school day. The many cars being backed up is a daily occurrence for the FHC student parking lot.

A Disorderly and Disastrous Parking Lot

Abby Myers, Staff Reporter February 21, 2024

A car alarm is blaring and catching every student's attention. A student driver in the school parking lot just backed into a parked car, causing the alarm to go off and distracting all other drivers. Instead...

Hallmarked Holiday

Hallmarked Holiday

Abby Myers, Staff Reporter February 14, 2024

A couple tightly bundled in their coats and gloves stroll down a tunnel of lights while holding their hand. They look like they belong on a postcard. So perfectly picturesque. This image is similar to...

Illustrated by Birdie Brereton

Temporary Affairs

Kailey Pallares, Staff Reporter February 7, 2024

Labels, situationships, cheating, hookups, commitment. These words stand out to our generation because they have become so prominent in our culture and changed the way we navigate our relationships. Glance...

On My Own Pedestal

On My Own Pedestal

Emme Bernard, Print Editor-in-Chief January 31, 2024

I was sitting at my friend’s dining room table for her birthday dinner. We were all talking about college and she said she was going to Mizzou. For months she had been talking about other schools, but...

Apathetic Assumptions

Apathetic Assumptions

Sophie Rosser, Staff Reporter January 9, 2024

The amount of pressure I had to look a certain way as a swimmer was extremely draining, in some instances leading to me having panic attacks in the middle of my swim practices. Yes a lot of these expectations...

John McClain crawls though an air vent like Santa Claus as he avoids bullets from below. Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Yippee-Ki-Yay! ‘Tis the Season for ‘Die Hard’

Hannah Halterman, Staff Reporter December 21, 2023

Snuggled up on the sofa in your favorite blanket, fire crackling and a mug of hot chocolate in your hand, you reach for the remote and your bowl of popcorn. Snowflakes fall delicately outside and the soft...

An illustration representing my present self, standing besides my past self in 2019. The clocks surround the two figures, being a constant reminder that time really has flown by. Illustration by Moth Payne.

Let Time Flow Its Course

Moth Payne, Assignments Editor November 21, 2023

The rain pitters and patters against the window, the dark storm clouds rolling in while thunder roars in the distance, making as loud of a noise it can do, as all it wants is to be recognized. The rain...

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