Speaking Up

Hannah Bernard, Multimedia Editor April 12, 2022

After placing my order at White Castle, the voice on the drive-thru speaker asks, “Do you want to round up for Autism Speaks?” As a fan of charity and perfect totals, I usually say yes without a second...

HAIR DYE DISTRACTION: Rosemary Vrazel sits on her living room couch for a picture after dying her hair.
She dyed it to bring something positive to a day with particularly bad flare-ups and pain.

Invisible Disabilities

Rachel Vrazel, Web Editor April 11, 2022

Disability. When you read that word, you probably think of athletes in wheelchairs playing basketball, or children walking through halls with paras, or inspirational stories about a blind person navigating a...

Cake-ing a Comeback

Faith Beckmann, Newspaper Editor February 22, 2022

When people look back on their childhoods, they often have items that define certain periods of their lives. For many people, certain foods can fill this role. People will often recall food products such...

Revising History

Hannah Bernard, Multimedia Editor February 10, 2022

Just a couple of weeks ago Americans commemorated the one-year anniversary of the Jan. 6 riot. Unsurprisingly, this anniversary did not pass without garnering its fair share of controversy. President...

Not Just Boat People

Sydney Tran, Design Editor February 9, 2022

When my mother was my age, she did not live a typical teenage life. She didn’t wake up at 6:50 a.m. to get ready and drive a Honda Civic to school. She didn’t live the typical suburban lifestyle. When...

A Catholic, private school uniform drawn next to “The Golden Rule” of the church.

I Don’t Know How to be Your Friend

Riley Wania, Photo Editor January 13, 2022

I never related to the story of “The Ugly Duckling.” If anything, I connected more to the yellow ducklings. I felt that I walked gracefully and confidently and that I fit the standards of “normal.”...

Caught in the Middle

Lorelai Finoch, Staff Reporter December 21, 2021

In 2010, when my brother wasn’t even three, and I was five, my parents’ divorce was finalized. My mom, my brother and I moved in with our grandparents and I started seeing my dad during the days...

Seeing Red

Hannah Bernard, Multimedia Editor December 14, 2021

Although no major elections took place in Missouri this election day, results nationwide will continue to affect Missourians. The most closely watched elections this year were the gubernatorial races in...

There’s Nothing Wrong with Diversity

Faith Beckmann, Newspaper Editor November 19, 2021

It was the evening of July 15. Inside Westwood Trail Academy, dozens of angry parents filed into a room set-up to house the Francis Howell School District’s monthly Board of Education meeting. Some were...

Steven Finoch lies in his hospital bed at Saint Joseph, waiting to be transferred to Missouri Baptist for surgery.

The Complications of Operations

Lorelai Finoch, Staff Reporter November 11, 2021

I had just started up a Netflix comedy special on my TV when my mom walked into the room, my step-mom, Ravyn, on speaker phone. She sat herself down on my bed and waited for Ravyn to begin. She took in...

Reporter Clara Kilen as an infant being held by her mother, Julie Kilen, in 2004.

The Value of a Stay-At-Home Mom

Clara Kilen, Staff Reporter November 11, 2021

“A couple of weeks ago, I crashed my car … I almost started crying right away,” said Avery Ott. “The first thing that popped into my head was, oh, I should call my mom.”   Avery Ott,...

The vibrant colors of social media. Since theyre creation these platforms have used visual effects in order to captivate audiences.

A Virtual World

Reilly Scobey, Staff Reporter November 9, 2021

I despise social media. I remember when I first got it, I had been so excited to finally join my peers online. My excitement didn’t stay for long as it was not exactly as I expected. It was not as enjoyable...

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