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Functionally Floral: Stores start to prepare for the coming dances months ahead of time, like the floral shop, The Flower Stop, Rachel works at.
Corsage History
Rachel Blanchard, Staff Reporter • September 23, 2022

Mark the date! Find a dress, find a suit, find shoes, find someone to go with, and don’t forget your corsages and boutonnieres! Every fall, high school students run down...

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One of your French Girls: Jack Schriber poses for the crowd, soaking in his victory as Mr. Moneybags
Majestic Men of FHC
Megan Murray, Staff Reporter • June 2, 2022

For those of you who didn't attend Mr. FHC, it was a male beauty pageant. Students and teachers were allowed to participate in this once a year event. This was the first time...

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Senior Joey Siegler works on a print during open studio time.
Painting a Community
Magi Temelkova, Staff Phototgrapher • October 5, 2022

NAHS’ focus for its Sept. 27 meeting was open studio time as well as signing up for the upcoming officer elections. Both new and returning members are finding community...

The Spartan Regiment performing with the Saeger Middle School band.
Behind the March
October 5, 2022
Senior Evan Erickson flies through the air during the Senior Showmen routine.
Diving Into HoCo
October 4, 2022
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Senior Bobby Soderstrom is seated trying to concentrate on his homework as other versions of him attend to different tasks. While not always visible, the minds of many students with ADHD
are often jumping from one thought to the next faster than they can keep up with.
Fighting to Focus
Hannah Bernard, Multimedia Editor • April 19, 2022

After a long day at school, freshman Quinn Douglas joins her family at the table for dinner. She is overwhelmed by the sounds of her sister...

A collection of blue puzzle pieces form and interlocking grid. The blue puzzle piece is the logo for Autism Speaks.
Speaking Up
Hannah Bernard, Multimedia Editor • April 12, 2022

After placing my order at White Castle, the voice on the drive-thru speaker asks, “Do you want to round up for Autism Speaks?” As a fan of charity and perfect totals,...

HAIR DYE DISTRACTION: Rosemary Vrazel sits on her living room couch for a picture after dying her hair.
She dyed it to bring something positive to a day with particularly bad flare-ups and pain.
Invisible Disabilities
April 11, 2022
A box of Oreo Cakesters lays open next to one of the snack cakes. These nostalgic snack cakes were discontinued back in 2012 and were recently brought back in 2022, much to the delight of their previous fans.
Cake-ing a Comeback
February 22, 2022
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Sophomore Cassie Durbin stays focused for a serve from Timberland.
Loss Won't Stop the Spartans
Rocco Muich, Staff Photographer • October 4, 2022

The Girls JV volleyball team played Timberland High School on Sept. 20. The team was fighting hard to win the third game, which would determine the victor. They ended...

Senior MaryGrace Cummings demonstrates good sportsmanship while handing the ball off to the opposing team. Senior Loryn Thorpe walks to her spot to prepare for the serve.
A Painful Pounce
October 4, 2022
Sophomore Aiden Taylor kicks the ball away from Timberland.
Soccer Success
October 3, 2022
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Brock Slinkard
Brock Slinkard
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Brock Slinkard is a senior this year at FHC and this is his first year being a part of FHC publications. He enjoys going to new places along with finding areas visually interesting for walks and hikes,...

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