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Library media specialist Cassandra Flores running and event from the Griot Museum. This activity allows students to learn in an engaging and interactive way.
Solace in the Commons
Nolan Haberstroh, Staff Reporter • May 24, 2023

As the bell rings and seminar begins, students start to file into the Learning Commons. After they sign in, the students are directed to tables in the center of the area,...

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Mr. McCoy demonstrating and explaining a chemical reaction while his students watch.
Excitement within Enlightenment
Colin Nichols, Staff Reporter • May 22, 2023

In classes where the academic material can be boring or overwhelming, sophomore Hannah Halterman has a much harder time staying fully engaged with her teacher. Furthermore,...

Kyler Getman poses with a cancer survivor for a Pink Out Night.
Rodeo High Rides
May 22, 2023
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One of many cracked chairs in the school remain available for student use.  Complaints regarding the damaged chairs have begun to make their way into the daily conversations among students. (Bella Smith)
Student Satisfaction?
Amber Davis, Staff Reporter • May 23, 2023

In one classroom, students stare at the large cracks in their chairs that run from one corner to the center of them. In another classroom, an insufficient supply of materials...

Caden Scott plays his feature on the saxophone.
A Final Fermata
May 19, 2023
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Senior JoAnna Grgurich partakes in worship at Waypoint Church. Since joining Waypoint, Grgurich has come to find peace in her connection with god.
Bearing Bliss
Reilly Scobey , Print Assignment Editor • May 22, 2023

Waking up everyday can begin to feel demanding.  The ringing of your morning alarm demanding your immediate attention. Debating whether you...

Senior Kara Middleton studies her notes in science class. She committed to Aurora University early last year.
The Big Commitment
Nolan Haberstroh, Staff Reporter • May 25, 2023

Senior Kara Middleton began playing lacrosse in her freshman year, and despite an injury in her second season, she has remained focused on her sport and on playing in college,...

Senior Landon Cann running to catch a ball.
Diving Down
May 22, 2023
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Amity Ianiri at her friends prom, posing in front of the entrance.
Distorted Reflection
Amity Ianiri, Staff Reporter • May 23, 2023

A tense feeling makes its way up my neck, my palms begin to sweat profusely, and my eyes squint as I attempt to hold back tears. I quietly enter my first period as I slowly...

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Emma Schultheis
Emma Schultheis
Staff Reporter

Emma Schultheis is a current senior and this is her first year as a writer on FHC’s Publications staff. She has taken journalism and photojournalism as an online FHSD student for FHN her sophomore year....

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Collaboration Central: Change In Clubs
Collaboration Central: Change In Clubs
Anabel Gundersen, Staff Reporter • May 23, 2023

Around this time in the year, clubs begin to find officers for the upcoming school year. Detailed in this podcast is the process NHS took to...

Dissected starfish.
Diving Into Dissection
Magi Temelkova and Rocco Muich April 28, 2023

Mr. Patrick Reed’s ZoBot class has had the opportunity for a hands-on experience dissecting the animals that they learn about during lecture....


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