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Keaton Frye

Keaton Frye, Editor-in-Chief of Photography

Keaton Frye is a current senior, and Editor in Chief of Photography for FHC Today. Keaton fell in love with photography her sophomore year  while taking Photo Journalism and has been on staff ever since. She is a part of DECA, Stuco, a Co Captain for FHC’s girls swim and dive team, and plays Lacrosse in the spring. Outside of school she coaches a summer swim team and works a Mellow Mushroom as a host, busser, pizza maker, and also runs to go’s. Ater highschool she plans on attending Mizzou for photography.

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FHC students gather in the gym for Arete Field Day, waiting in line for one of the inflatable attractions.

[Photo] Annual Arete Affair

Elisa Carter, Staff Reporter
May 31, 2022

[Photo] Michelle Burkemper

Faith Beckmann, Newspaper Editor
April 28, 2022

April 2022: The Photo Issue

Keaton Frye, Photo Editor-in-Chief
April 22, 2022
Junior Kaylee Wright reads the morning announcements to begin her day. Wright is the student selected to do announcements to fill in the student body about the upcoming events at school. It feels good to know that I am a recognizable voice for people at schools, Wright said.

[Photo] Starting the Day Off Wright

Clara Kilen, Staff Reporter
April 21, 2022
CONCENTRATION ON CONDUCTING: Choir students are closely attentive as Mr. Papoulis conducts his newest draft of the piece.  The choir students have been working for two days on the first draft of their original piece.

[Photo] Compose Yourself

Emily Sirtak, Staff Reporter
April 8, 2022
A box of Oreo Cakesters lays open next to one of the snack cakes. These nostalgic snack cakes were discontinued back in 2012 and were recently brought back in 2022, much to the delight of their previous fans.

[Photo] Cake-ing a Comeback

Faith Beckmann, Newspaper Editor
February 22, 2022
A student kicking off their game of Wordle with the word adieu, FHCs most popular starting word.

[Photo] A Quick Word

Hannah Bernard, Multimedia Editor
February 11, 2022
Students walking in the hall with their masks on during the latest mask mandate. Due to rise in COVID cases, FHSD has mandated masks until Feb. 4 to keep staff and students safe.

[Photo] Updated Mask Mandate

Clara Kilen, Staff Reporter
February 6, 2022
Senior Gage Hendricks sits at his lunch table, playing
a song on his harmonica for his classmates. Hendricks has been playing the
harmonica for several years and has started to perform t lunches and school

[Photo] Finding Harmony

Faith Beckmann, Newspaper Editor
February 7, 2022
Jeffrey Fearnley rears his arm back to throw a ball at the opposing team.

[Photo] Down to Business

Sydney Tran, Design Editor
January 13, 2022
Two contrasting pumpkins sit waiting to be glazed. Oekle is just two steps away from finishing the pumpkins, fresh out of the kiln. Art is an avenue many descend to express themselves, and many go down that avenue to make a living.

[Photo] Artistic Ambitions

Olivia McCary, Staff Reporter
December 17, 2021
Senior Kennedy Jensen and sophomore Phoebe Miller bumping elbows during the state quarterfinal game, which was suspended after 11 innings with the score even at two. The girls softball team is a well oiled machine who are ready to continue in tonights game.

[Photo] Suspense Full

Tea Perez, Newspaper Editor-in-Chief
October 22, 2021
Leading a Team: Speaking to his team after its Aug. 20 jamboree, new head coach Malach Radigan drives home a point to his kneeling players. Coach Radigan’s team has gotten off to a 2-4 season as he tries to install his values into the program

[Photo] Radigan’s New Role

Clara Kilen, Staff Reporter
October 22, 2021
Questioning Reality: With many still masking, it can be hard to tell if life is truly back to normal. This year poses more questions than it answers.

[Photo] A New Chapter

Hannah Bernard, Multimedia Editor
October 23, 2021
The student section catches t-shirts from the cheerleaders.

Heavy-hearted Hoco

Keaton Frye, Photo Editor in Chief
October 1, 2021
Senior, Bobby Soderstrom sings in the stands.

Kicking the Season Off

Keaton Frye, Photo EIC
September 3, 2021
Junior Kennedy Eggering throws for shot put as a fellow track teammate updates the scoreboard.

[Photo] Crossing the Finish Line

Natalie Walsh, Co Editor-in-Chief
May 28, 2021
Junior, Kayden Zipoy poses on a jungle gym while the wind blows her hair.

[Photo] Without Color

Aniya Sparrow, Staff Photographer
May 14, 2021
Henthorn pitching.

Batter Up!

Keaton Frye, Social Media Editor
May 6, 2021
This is what winning looks like.

Junior Spartans

Keaton Frye, Social media editor
February 26, 2021
Empty Stadium: A mask lies on the turf at Don Muench Memorial Stadium on Friday, Oct. 2, a night that should have been a football game against Fort Zumwalt West played there. Three sports teams- softball, volleyball and football- have had games cancelled due to athletes being placed in quarantine due to Covid-19

[Photo] Limit:less

Ruthann Kimbrel, Staff Reporter
January 22, 2021

Humans of Cottleville: Marlon Woods

Keaton Frye, staff photographer
May 15, 2020

Humans of Cottleville: Quinn Marshall

Keaton Frye, Staff photographer
May 15, 2020
Senior Azaria Hulbert makes a strong drive to the basket during the St. Charles game on Feb. 25. Hulbert said that We had a great season, we worked really hard over the off season, and in season, and its really payed off.

Girls Varsity Season Comes to an End

Keaton Frye, staff photographer
March 11, 2020
Junior Myles Estrada watches his three pointer swish in the net during the St. Charles High game on Feb. 28. Estrada said This season was pretty good for us, Estrada said Our team chemistry built up so much this season, a lot go the guys on the team have played together before, in summer ball or just other seasons, and that was a huge benefit for us.

Ballin’ Out for Neon Night

Keaton Frye, Staff Photographer
March 6, 2020
Senior Jonathan Gardner finishes a shot while shooting before the second half of the Fort Zumwalt South game on Feb. 12. Gardner believes a shot is the hardest thing to perfect in basketball, getting defense and offense is down is simple. Gardner says shooting is all muscle memory and takes a lot of practice.

Spartans Fall Against Bulldogs

Keaton Frye, Staff Photographer
February 24, 2020
Freshman Xime Avila dives at the senior night meet on Monday, January 27. Senior Night celebrates the teams seniors and their time on the team.

[Photo] Senior Swimmers

Sam Chen, Staff Reporter
January 31, 2020
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