Kicking the Season Off


Keaton Frye

Senior, Bobby Soderstrom sings in the stands.

On Friday Aug. 28 the Spartans varsity football squad walked onto Fort Zumwalt East’s turf, unsure but hopeful for what the new season would bring. The away stands were jam-packed with high schoolers dressed in Hawaiian gear to cheer the Spartans on. After a very long game, due to injury delay, FHC ended up victorious with a final score of 17-15.

Junior, Corey Jones said, “One thing our coach wanted us to focus on was smash-mouth football, with hard work, preparation, and dedication we executed and came out on top.” Smashmouth is an offensive scheme fairly different from what the team has done in the past, although it is a more traditional way to play the game.

The Spartans Next Game is Friday Sept. 3 at home against FZS.