Stitching Together During The Pandemic

Harmaan's workspace shows off just a few of the masks she's made. Masks are one of the most vital necessities to keep oneself and others safe during this pandemic.
Lesa Haarman Makes Masks to Aid Her Community in the Midst of COVID-19
January 19, 2021

When people first began to feel the full effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic in March, as Missourians and others across the world  were required to stay at home as much as possible for weeks at a time, many...

Precautious Performance

In order to keep choir members and spectators healthy, singers were spaced out and the amount of viewers was limited to two per student. These safety precautions allowed the choir to finally show off the skills they have been building this semester. Photo courtesy OF FHC Choir
Safety alterations made the school year’s first choir concert possible
January 15, 2021

The lights dim. You feel the lights brighten on you, and the concert you never thought would happen begins. After singing yourself through about four songs, the lights dim, and you find your way back to...

Engage in Esports

Additional Games: This is the Round 1 Complete screen from the Esport teams recent Overwatch semifinals  play. They won the semifinals and hope to broaden their winning streaks with more games.
January 14, 2021

The FHC E-Sports team is currently recruiting for two more of their competitive games, Super Mario Bros. and League of Legends. Senior Tyler Belina is ecstatic for this year's recruiting. “We recruit...

Dealing with the Unknown

One of the ways Analiesa Hollowood passed nearly two months in the hospital was by learning some new skills. Here, she plays
Analiesa Hollowood struggles to find a medical diagnosis through months of health issues
January 14, 2021

On a regular Saturday evening in mid-August the Hollowood family decides to enjoy themselves and go out to eat for dinner. Analiesa Hollowood was not feeling the greatest after her meal so she decided...

Westminster Win

Sofia Tweedie looking for a her teammates.
The girls basketball team scored a win at their last game against lift for life.
January 13, 2021

After coming back from winter break the varsity girls basketball team fought for a win at their game on Thursday Jan. 7, against Lift for Life in the Westminster New Year Shootout with a close final score...

Plugging in to Championships

Very Important Persons: The FHC E-Sports team competed in state semifinals Jan. 12th. They will be moving into finals being held on Jan. 14.
The FHC E-Sports team will be participating in Overwatch Championships on Jan. 14
January 13, 2021

The FHC Esports Club has officially entered their Championship Week! Last night, Jan. 12, the club faced off in the semifinals and proved victorious as they compete in the finals on Jan 14. Club sponsor...

A Type of Celebration

Sieveking smiles with her family on vacation. Despite six years with diabetes, she seeks to improve and stay positive each day.
Emma Sieveking celebrates her six- year diaversary with a 24-mile run
January 13, 2021

We celebrate lots of things, from birthdays and anniversaries, to accomplishments and memories, we are surrounded by momentous occasions that mark an impactful milestone. For Emma Sieveking, she celebrates...

Biden’s Battle For Education

Biden's Battle For Education
January 12, 2021

On Nov 7th, Joe Biden was declared winner of the presidential election by most major news outlets, and while this is still being contested by the Trump administration it is all but locked in. Over the...

A Failed Attempt at Trumping Democracy

Donald Trump faces off with Uncle Sam as the Capitol building serves as their ring. The fight to maintain democracy persists after the attack on the Capitol.
A head to head battle against Trump and Democracy: Democracy wins.
January 11, 2021

Stand back and stand by. These words so famously uttered by President Donald Trump at the first presidential debate last year have viciously reverberated back after last wednesday’s occurrences. After...

The Sistine in the Lou

Now instead of taking an airplane to Rome, people can drive to St. Louis to see Michelangelo's work.
January 11, 2021

For many people, religious or not, the Sistine Chapel is a bucket list location for art connoisseurs or people with eyes. For years, people have traveled to the detailed frescoes of Michelangelo, and is...

Ignition: lighting the mental flame

Up in Flames: A match both words that gaslights use on their victims light the brain non fire causing mental fogginess and confusion. Gaslighting is common enough for research and studies on it but, not commonly talked about leading to depression and other harmful side affects of this type of emotional abuse.
Gaslighters seek to take control of others' thoughts
January 11, 2021

A girl and her boyfriend of a year are sitting on the couch in his basement, hands being held and small talk being shared between the two while watching food competition shows on Netflix. Out of the blue,...

Girls Wrestling Team Approaches GACS

the squeeze
Skylar Morrisey reflects on her season as GACS draw near
January 8, 2021

Female wrestler Skylar Morrisey never envisioned her season to come this far. She worried she would not be able to compete due to COVID, but is grateful that she has experienced a full and unexpected season.    “Competing...

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