It's Our Story...

It’s Our Story…

Romanticizing the little acts of life

For a lot of my life, I focused on having big events to define who I was: I had to travel the world and go to concerts, have some crazy career after attending some big university. I thought I had to have...

Francis Howell High School opened in 1881 as the Howell Institute in Howell's Prairie, Missouri. The school was renamed in 1915 and remained the only high school in the district until 1986 when Francis Howell North High School was opened.

Chronicling Persistence

The story of the Francis Howell School District
Faith Beckmann and Faith Jacoby June 8, 2021

St. Charles County is one of the most historic places in Missouri. The county's deep history includes the beginnings of the westward expansion movement and the founding of the state among other notable...

With no particular destination in mind, Mrs. Dena Dauve spreads her wings in anticipation for a long flight ahead.

Wisecracks: Best of the Best

Teachers share the best joke they’ve ever heard
Essy Ingram, Copy Editor June 4, 2021

All jokes were not created equally. Although they vary greatly in size, ranging from corny one-liners to drawn-out antics, their defining elements are highlighted within the joke itself. The teachers...

Senior Erin Reitz steadies her gaze before serving against her Francis Howell opponent. This match was a turning point for the team this season, according to Reitz.

A Moment Unforgotten

Senior athletes relive their most notable sports experience
Essy Ingram, Copy Editor June 4, 2021

Varsity tennis player and senior Erin Reitz recalls her most memorable moment in the time the team travelled to Jefferson City to compete. Faced with the higher ranking teams in the area, almost...

Woodward and Bernstein, played by Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman, pose for a movie poster. Throughout the film, the dynamic duo shows their immense dedication and tenacity.

All the Journalists’ Inspiration

The film that motivates me to be a better journalist
Kayla Reyes, Print Co-Editor-in-Chief June 4, 2021

In my sophomore year, my Newspaper advisor, Mr. Schott, announced that my Journalism class would be watching “All the President’s Men,” a film about two reporters who broke the story of the...

Paintings of Luke Morrison and Zoe Michals as the characters they were are immortalized on Mrs. Shockley’s ceiling. To commemerate the class’ experience performing Macbeth seniors Ella Yawitz, Paige Fann, and Jessica Hiegel painted a ceiling tile of the stars of the play.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

The cursed legend of Macbeth comes to life in Mrs. Shockley’s AP Literature class
Tea Perez, Web Editor-in-Chief June 4, 2021

The play that shall not be named. The M-word. Macbeth. When William Shakespeare first wrote his infamous play, one could assume he didn’t foresee it becoming a token of disaster and misfortune...

AN UPWARD ART: In classrooms throughout the school, students leave their memories embedded in art on the ceiling. A dragon eye from Mrs. Shockley’s room.

Looking Up

The traditions behind decorated ceiling tiles
Maddy Mabray, Staff Report June 3, 2021

It’s not uncommon to find students staring at the ceiling in class, but it isn’t because of boredom. All throughout the school, students can find their teacher’s ceiling tiles painted with bright...

The sensations perform during half time on Friday Oct. 23. I like this picture because of the subject balance and the dramatic effect of the coloring.

Our Favorite Photos

Madi Hermeyer, Staff Photographers June 2, 2021

The Central Focus photographers have spent all year capturing moments in time for us to remember forever. Each photographer has chosen their favorite photo that they’ve taken, and given an explanation...

Junior Morgan Corbitt is a cheerleader at FHC. When I asked to photograph her, I thought of different ways I could capture her personality, while also staying true to the idea of

Looking Sharp

Aniya Sparrow , Staff Photographer June 2, 2021

The photographers of Central Focus have been working extremely hard this entire year, trying to produce photos for our website, newspaper, and our yearbook. The photographers have done a tremendous job...

A very young girl reads the dictionary. SEGA students cover more curriculum in less time, isolating them from their peers.

They’re Smart, They’ll Be Fine

Exposing the flaws in the way our education system handles "giftedness"
Anna Baranowski, Staff Reporter June 2, 2021

There’s no doubt that the education system is imperfect: providing for the individual needs of thousands of children is simply not possible. That’s why the system includes solutions for children who...

Junior Elisa Carter stands in front of a mirror, in the bathroom, looking at her reflection. She finds chaos in her reflection due to her mental health.

Minor Mental Mania

Bipolar disorder in underage teens is more of an issue than realized.
Elisa Carter, Staff Reporter June 2, 2021

Up down up down up down. That is what my head does almost everyday. I have many highs and lows with my depression increasing some days and mood swings taking over my life on others. I display symptoms...

A Fulfilled PROMise

Parents and student leaders organize unofficial prom
Maddy Mabray, Staff Reporter June 1, 2021

Prom is often viewed as the hallmark of high school, a night filled with laughter and memories, a chance to get dressed up and go out with friends, but with the changes brought on by COVID-19, long-awaited...

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