Starting the Day Off Wright


Keaton Frye

Junior Kaylee Wright reads the morning announcements to begin her day. Wright is the student selected to do announcements to fill in the student body about the upcoming events at school. “It feels good to know that I am a recognizable voice for people at schools,” Wright said.

“Good morning FHC please rise for the pledge of allegiance.”

The beginning of each day at Francis Howell Central is marked by the morning announcements that feature the accomplishments of various students, upcoming events, and the helpful reminder to have a mystical Monday. 

The voice that preaches having a mystical Monday comes from junior Kaylee Wright, who has been the spokesperson for the morning announcements since the 2020-2021 school year commenced. She stumbled upon this role as the responsibility flowed down the line of succession without any takers. In years past, the voice of the morning announcements was a senior selected by the head of the theater department, but there were no seniors or juniors available so Wright stepped up to bat as a sophomore. 

“[The responsibility] fell to sophomores, which had never happened before… [and I responded] ‘Yeah, sure I’ll do it,” Wright said. 

Though announcements themselves may be a one-man job, there is a hidden figure in the process. Stephanie Hall, the administrative assistant in the guidance office, communicates with coaches and sponsors to create Wright’s script.

“I am the person that receives all the emails from teachers and club leaders and any staff members that would like [to make an announcement],” Hall said. 

The announcements go from Hall’s desk to Wright’s hands and straight to the intercom. At around 7:15 each morning Wright makes her way to the guidance office to retrieve her script from Hall and makes a beeline to the attendance office. In the attendance office, she will often review the information she will broadcast to minimize mistakes.

“I mess up all the time. It’s really about competence and plowing through [mistakes] and not doubling back,” Wright said. 

At 7:20 the bell rings and Wright begins addressing the student body. 

“The [tardy] bell rings and then I count to three and ring the [announcement bell] and play the ding, ding, ding,” Wright said. 

Senior Abby Poenicke who recently moved to Central, noticed a positive difference in announcements here at FHC compared to her old school. She applauds Wright’s enthusiasm and school spirit. 

“At my old school our principal would do them… but I love hearing the [announcements] here and having a student voice,” Poenike said, “It’s nice to know there are students who care about the stuff going on [at school].” 

Wright dedicates her mornings to the announcements and sacrifices the first few minutes of her first hour each day. Her effort does not go unnoticed by students or staff, and the fun endings she thinks up are enjoyed by all Spartans. 

“[Wright] is just always a very positive person and I appreciate her commitment to [the announcements],” Hall said. 

Central can expect to hear Wright’s voice for the remainder of this year and the following year, but her successor will have large shoes to fill. Wright has been the only student to do morning announcements for three consecutive years and this unique legacy will stick with her even after she tosses her cap.

“It’s kind of just one part of who I am and I feel like I’m leaving my little mark on the school,” Wright said.