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Faith Beckmann, Staff Reporter

Faith Beckmann is a junior, this is her second year as a staff reporter for FHC Publications. Other than writing, her interests include theatre, choir, and learning a lot of random history. In school, she is involved as a thespian in Troupe 5743 and participates as part of the Women’s Chorale choir.

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A necklace that bears the religious image of a cross is dangling, ready to drop. Letting go of something that was once so personal is very difficult no matter the circumstances; however, with religion there's a little more. The massive stigma around this act only accentuates these feelings.

Trapped in Religion

April 7, 2021
The Averno universe is set in a small Virginian town settled in the early 1700s by a highly religious family hoping to turn the town away from its supernatural past. The universe was created by Morgan Smith and has since expanded to include the works of many other young artists.

Into the Forest

February 23, 2021
Untying Myself

Untying Myself

January 29, 2021
The Quaran-teens

The Quaran-teens

January 21, 2021
Thurgood Marshall (pictured left) made history as the first African American U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice. During his time in the court, he played a part in many cases that included topics like civil rights, the death penalty, and other controversial or important issues. Margaret Sanger (pictured right) was a women’s reproductive health activist who advocated for the use of contraceptives and family planning to help women control the size of their families. She opened the first birth control clinic in the United States and created the  organization now known as  Planned  Parenthood.

A Circle in Motion

November 19, 2020
Ending as a Team

Ending as a Team

September 28, 2020
Faith Beckmann

Faith Beckmann

May 5, 2020
Some people use bucket lists to keep track of the goals they want to accomplish before they die. This is can help make sure they live a life they will be proud of in the end.

A Life Worth Living

April 18, 2020
At the winter pep assembly, both general education and special needs students perform a dance together. The dance showcased the level of inclusion that All of Us Cub strives to promote to all students.

Inclusion For All

February 20, 2020
A volunteer at Calvary Church on Mid Rivers helps collect shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. Operation Christmas Child is an organization mainly run through churches where donators can pack a shoebox filled with goodies to be sent to children in war and poverty-ridden areas around the world.

Giving Back

December 21, 2019
Freshmen Marygrace Cummings and Emma Schultheis look intently at a kitten at a local pumpkin patch. Pumpkin patches are a great way to get together with your friends and have some fun while celebrating the spirit of the season.

Fall Festivities

November 26, 2019
The Spartan Regiment performs at Bands of America on Friday, Oct.18.

A Frantic Fall Break

October 24, 2019
Cinderella's Castle aglow with bright shimmering lights right before the park's closing. Every evening when the park closes the castle in the Magic Kingdom lights up and has a fireworks display.

Never Growing Up

October 2, 2019
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