Chronicling Persistence

The story of the Francis Howell School District


Courtesy of Dr. Daniel, T. Brown, PhD.

Francis Howell High School opened in 1881 as the Howell Institute in Howell’s Prairie, Missouri. The school was renamed in 1915 and remained the only high school in the district until 1986 when Francis Howell North High School was opened.

St. Charles County is one of the most historic places in Missouri. The county’s deep history includes the beginnings of the westward expansion movement and the founding of the state among other notable occurrences. It is unsurprising that one of the largest school district’s in the county, the Francis Howell School District, would have just as intricate of a history as well.

Many people may disregard the history of the school district as being unimportant because, well, it is history. What they do not realize, however, is that by learning the history of the Francis Howell School District, students, staff members and community members alike can learn lessons that can propel them into the future. To learn more, read Chronicling Persistence.