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Madi Hermeyer

Ms. Fry’s students look on as she cracks jokes and funny remarks during her lesson. Fry tries to make her classroom enjoyable to students and loves to create a fun dynamic with everyone she meets.

Melissa Fry

Dear Mrs. Fry,

Doing anything with creative writing in school has always been a nerve wracking process for me as my writing has always been something very personal in my life; however, your class made it a lot less scary. From day one, you were always our biggest cheerleader. Never once did I as a student ever feel judged for the content of my writing. No matter what the piece was about or the quality of it, you were always one hundred percent supportive. Not only that, but you were also very supportive of us as people too. You always tried your best to get to know us not just as students and writers, but also as humans. Your efforts certainly did not go unnoticed. Thanks to all of your encouragement, I became less scared to share my work with others and more confident about my abilities as a creative writer – quite possibly one of the most valuable things I have ever learned in a classroom. Adding on to that, your feedback was always really beneficial and really helped me develop and hone my writing skills. I could never thank you enough for that.

Thank you so much for everything you have done for both me as a writer and me as a person. You are truly a gem and I hope you have a great rest of your year!


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