Never Growing Up

Lucy Schwesig has taken more trips to Disney that most do in a life time and still continues to love every experience


Photo provided by Kierigan McEvoy

Cinderella’s Castle aglow with bright shimmering lights right before the park’s closing. Every evening when the park closes the castle in the Magic Kingdom lights up and has a fireworks display.

A buzz of excitement can be felt in the air as park-goers enter Avatar’s Pandora at Walt Disney World in Florida. As they walk, they eagerly look around the park at the new rides and scenery ahead of them. Everyone is stunned at the interactive technology that is present throughout the park within the architecture and its story-telling elements. Across the lake in Disney’s magic kingdom, the energy feels just as ecstatic as families and other groups of visitors walk jubilantly throughout the park, meeting oversized cartoon characters from beloved movies and jumping into ride cues. Among the many visitors to the parks is sophomore Lucy Schwesig and her family.  

For most people, a trip to a Disney Park only occurs once or twice in their lifetime. However, for Schwesig and her family, the trip has occurred every year since she was two. From summer trips to holidays, they’ve done it all. Not to mention the multiple parks and cruises they’ve gone to as well.

“We just love it so much,” Schwesig said. “And my mom is a Disney travel agent… we have the best deals and we know how to do it right by now.”

Like Schwesig, others have similar opinions on Disney’s magic and how it affects the Disney park experience. One of Schwesig’s friends, sophomore Paige Sery, adds the idea that part of Disney’s appeal is the variety of activities that exist in the parks.

“Disney is a fun place for everyone,” Sery replied. “There’s just a lot of things to do there.”

The Disney magic which many say is present at the parks has been said to have the power to brighten up the attitudes of even the darkest of people and make the most happy visitors truly shine. Thus, some of Schwesig’s friends, like sophomore Clara Kilen, have even expressed how her visits to the parks have impacted her mood and her overall personality in day-to-day life.

Kilen noted, “She’s really exciting and fun and outgoing and, I think, just brings the whole Disney vibe.”

This vibe may be why park-goers find Disney to be so enchanting, almost as if it pulls them from reality. This is why many frequent Disney visitors will tell anyone who asks about their recent trips to parks, buy a plethora of merchandise and even participate in “Disney-bounding” (or dressing up in outfits similar to those of classic Disney characters after becoming too old to dress up in full costume) at the parks. For many of these fans, Disney is their happy place. For Schwesig, the feeling is the same.

“I think that for us thinking about… our countdown to Disney is what keeps us going. For… a long stretch of school, I [will] think about how happy we’re going to be in Disney then. I think that it’s important to have something to look forward to.” Schwesig stated.

The idea of people having a happy place is something Kilen also agrees with.

“They [should] have a place to… go and relax and just forget about all the stress.” Kilen said.

This may be the reason why Disney still maintains its magic for people who go year-after-year like Schwesig. Disney is one of the few places where people can just be happy and free, even if only for a few hours. Plus, at the parks people make memories with the ones they love that will stay close to their hearts no matter the age.

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“One of the most memorable experiences was actually the first time we went to [the] new Avatar land when it opened.” Schwesig added. “There’s one specific ride that is… the most immersive, realistic simulation but it was like the most amazing thing you’ve ever experienced. We were all in shock like in off for like 25 minutes afterwards. Like just nobody knew what to say because it was so amazing. And you know, you don’t really get off a ride and feel like that most of the time.”

Even so, one question still remains: even after going to Disney multiple times, do the parks still maintain the novelty “magic” they are known for?

“I feel like there is stuff for every age… [and] I will never get tired of it. I can go until I’m an adult and it’s still going to be magical,” Schwesig stated. “They just have more advanced stuff, I think, than any other theme park would have, but it just keeps you interested.”