Annual Arete Affair

FHC’s Arete organization hosts their annual field day


Keaton Frye

FHC students gather in the gym for Arete Field Day, waiting in line for one of the inflatable attractions.

Every spring since 1999 FHC’s Arete organization has held an annual event where students get to take time off from their regular school day routine, to hangout with their friends, play fun games, and take a much needed break from school. This event is known as Arete Field Day, the one day out of the year where you can skip your 6th and 7th class periods to attend this FHC tradition. 

There are many different reasons why someone would want to attend field day. But for senior Grace Bahru, going this year especially was something she wanted to do knowing it was her last opportunity. 

“It seems like a fun thing, it’s my last chance to,” Bahru said. “You know we are seniors, we might as well get everything while we still can.” 

However for others like Arete committee member and sophomore Alexa Sansone, people go to field day because of the traditional reasons, such as skipping class and the fun of it all. 

“It is quite the brain break having it sixth and seventh hour,” Sansone said. “And it’s really nice at the end of the school year just to get a break from your classes and your everyday routine norms.”

While most people know about and have gone to Arete field day, some people may not know much about the organization that makes field day possible. Arete lead sponsor and Special Education Algebra teacher, Amy Zykan, loves being a part of this organization and what it celebrates. 

“I help make sure all of the activities are organized and manage a student committee and I have a couple of other teachers beneath me that also help with all the activities,” Zykan said. “Arete, it is a group that celebrates student and teacher accomplishments.”

Due to recent years’ circumstances many people may not be aware of how to attend the field day.

“You have to complete a pillar form and you can find QR codes outside of room 128 or on the main boards in the main hallway, those activity boards,” Zykan said. “So you just have to be able to have academic excellence, play a sport, if you are involved in a club or activity, or if you do any kind of community service, you just need to qualify for one of those areas and then you can go to field day.” 

Arete field day overall is fun, exciting, and a great brain break. Its easy to sign up for and attend, you get to skip class, you get a free t-shirt, and you get to see your friends. 

“We had inflatables…Mr. Cross always donates cookies…we had some music playing,” Zykan said. “We have fun, I think everybody has a good time and it’s a break from school. You also get a free t-shirt and it’s a great brain break.” 

This FHC tradition is something everyone can enjoy and it is a great way to feel apart of the inclusive FHC community. 

“Everyone seemed to enjoy it, there were many things that you could do, no one looked bored, no one looked like they regretted going,” Sansone said. “It stemmed so much collaboration between a lot of people, like different grades. It wasn’t just like all upperclassmen or all lowerclassmen like everyone was together.”