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Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week

FHC Publications wanted to take this week to honor those teachers who have done something special for us- whether it is just for that specific subject or if it was for a specific influence on us as people.

If you’d like to share whom your favorite or most influential teacher was (at FHC or otherwise), click here and tell how they affected your life. We’ll post every entry we receive at the bottom of this page.

Teacher Appreciation from others
Mrs. LaRue
Mr. Schott
Mr. Dauve
Mrs. Fay
Mrs. Ross
Mrs. Hauquitz
Mr. Griffin
Mr. McCoy
Mrs. MacMillan
Mr. Perkowski
Ms. Struckhoff
Mr. Cissell
Mrs. Head
Mr. Kozlowski
Mr. Reed
Mrs. Mair
Mr. Messerli
Mrs. Schellert
Mrs. LaMartina
Mr. Beckmann
Mr. Howard
Dr. Miller
Mrs. Dennigman
Dr. Arnel
Mr. Range
Ms. Berryman
Mr. Schneieder
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