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Samantha Beck

Mr. Range

Josie Julien:

As a freshman in a biology class it was intimidating. Early in the morning and a class full of sophomores who had attitude problems. Mr. Range was the only one to break the silence and crack a horrible joke. He made that class bearable and always had a smile on his face. The class still had a stony exterior, whether it was due to tiredness, or they were just humorless, but I was laughing on the inside. Mr. Range really solidified my love for science. He made the coursework understandable and the notes bitesize. His enthusiastic attitude towards biology made me enthusiastic about the class. Even though it was the buttcrack of dawn I was able to stay engaged in his class. Through his encouragement I was able to decide biology II, better known as ZoBot, as my next science class for sophomore year.

Gabby Goddard:

I want to appreciate biology teacher Mr.Range. I’m brand new to FHC this year, and he was one of the only teachers who really stuck out to me. I’ve always had a passion for science, but I’ve never had a teacher who really helped me understand everything like Mr. Range does. He has a way of teaching that is different from others. He understands that some people may be behind, and he comes up with activities that engage all of us into the topic so that we really understand. He always pushes us to do our best work. There are rewards for hard work, too. For example, turning in flash cards before an exam gets you extra credit, so he knows that you at least tried to study, and you get rewarded for your effort. You can tell that he really enjoys his job, as he’s always telling little stories of things he’s experienced. He’s never mean, and he always makes the entire class feel welcome to be in his classroom. He always does what he can to make the classroom fun. Making jokes, singing, and dramatically attempting to make animal noises are only a few. Also, he’s one of the only teachers in the school who appreciates Blues hockey as much as I do. I can’t say we have one of those teacher/student friendships, but I can say that he’s made my first year at FHC the best it can be, and I always look forward to third hour when I get to go to his class. I remember when he acted upset when he didn’t get teacher of the year, so I’m hoping at least a teacher appreciation can make up for some of it. • Copyright 2022 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in

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