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Emily Turner

Mr. Cissell

Haley Mills:

Dear Mr. Cissel,

From the moment I walked into your classroom on my second day at FHC, I instantly felt at home and at ease. You were the first person I had made a connection with and that connection has just been growing ever since.

The constant reassurance that everything was going to be fine when I was diagnosed with acute renal failure, and the continuous prayers while the test results were still up in the air. I cannot thank you enough for the presence you played in the lowest part of my life.

Although we may not talk everyday, you never fail to say hi and put a smile on my face. For that reason, I can not think of a more deserving teacher to be appreciated during teacher appreciate week.

I think that as a teacher you have a basic job description, to teach kids. But what it doesn’t say in your job description is that you will provide advice, a place of comfort and joy, may laughs, and memories. However these are things you do on a daily basis without even noticing.

The impact you have had on me, and many others, are ones that will last a lifetime. Thank you.

With love and respect,

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