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Mrs. MacMillan

Mackenzie Morris:

Mrs. MacMillan was a great math teacher. I will never forget that class. She taught exactly in the way I needed. I was always just pretty good at math, but after taking her class, I understood it better, and that is probably why it is my favorite subject now. She would do enough examples so I felt prepared, but I was never bored or bogged down with repetitiveness in class. After having Mrs. MacMillan as a teacher I just understood better and really loved math.

She teaches in such and interactive manner that I didn’t feel left behind. She required that we all wrote on the board at some point for warm ups and I really like writing in dry erase markers so I particularly liked this assignment. I think it was also a great opportunity for us to get practice and learn from our own and each other’s mistakes.

Not only was she a great math teacher, but she had an awesome taste in shoes and never looked less than fabulous. • Copyright 2023 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in

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