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Belle Herrera

Mrs. Ross

Belle Herrera:

  I transferred to Central from North my sophomore year. If you would have seen me wandering the halls with a schedule in one hand and a worried look on my face you would have thought I was a lost freshman. After two weeks at Central I still couldn’t go from my first hour to my seventh hour without getting lost, I had to go in order from first to second and so on. My freshman year I had chosen my classes based on what some of my friends had chosen, well mostly my elective classes. I had picked Web Design 1 because my friend and I thought it would be a blow off class at North, a class we could miss and not worry, we didn’t think we’d learn anything from it. But after three weeks in Mrs. Ross’ class it was easily one of my favorite classes. Ross was honestly one of the only teachers that had the patience with me when I asked how to get from certain classes to other classes. She was so sweet in class and just the way she taught helped me in not only that class but in others too. I loved learning code, I would look around the class and my classmates would either be dozing off or stricken with confusion. I would be so happy that I would finish assignments before the other kids and some would even ask me questions when Ross was busy with another student. Her class helped me learn how to be patient and Ross herself had the most patience of any of my teachers. It was one of the most helpful things. It’s understandable when teachers are grouchy or short with students because it’s the beginning of the year and dealing with freshman would give anyone a headache, but that wasn’t the case with Ross. She always kept her cool, she wouldn’t yell at us for not understanding the material, she would laugh or give her past experience about learning code. She never made the class difficult, she always had  a smile on her face, and encouraged us to chin up because coding was interesting and wasn’t as difficult as we were making it out to be. Ross helped me through my first semester of my sophomore year and I never got to say thank you to her for being an exceptional teacher. Thank you Mrs. Ross, keep teaching how you do because there’s no better way to teach. • Copyright 2023 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in

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