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Mr. Dauve

Emily Mann:

Although I do not speak up much during class, due to my shy, timid nature, Mr. Dauve never fails to recognize my efforts in his class. He is absolutely one of the very best teachers I have ever had, and I am really grateful for him.

He is always trying to get us more passionate about science particularly, with fun interesting facts, and engaging lectures. But even for those whom he knows science will not be their dominant field, he stresses the importance of education and great work habits. Dauve is one of the first teachers I have had who provides us with numerous study tactics, full days in class to study, labs, and readings to further delve into our subject and learn. He is always there before school, during class, and after school to answer questions and give further help and assistance, which is incredibly selfless and generous.

Dauve is one of the first teachers I have had who I feel truly cares about our futures, as he constantly is reminding us of how important our choices are now. He genuinely cares about each and, every one of his students and our lives outside the walls of FHC. He tries to incorporate life lessons throughout his lectures everyday and always tries to instill his wisdom and knowledge within everyone of us. He takes time out of his day to give us stories about his life or other people he has met, just to encourage to keep on the right path in life, which I really appreciate.

Being a sophomore taking anatomy was a pretty crazy decision, I remember going in one morning before school, early on the third or fourth day of school, simply asking Mr. Dauve if he felt I could handle his class. Not knowing anything about me or my study habits, Mr. Dauve assured me that if I worked hard, and stayed focused during class I should do well. He also offered additional help if I ever needed it, before or after school. His encouragements, and knowing he felt I could handle it, has stuck with me to this day going into his classroom, I am that much more happy to be learning, knowing I am challenging myself. To this day I am thankful for his ability to believe in me and help me further develop in his class.

Thanks to Mr. Dauve my love for science is growing rapidly, and I am constantly amazed by the amount of knowledge and passion he has. I look forward to anatomy everyday, knowing I will be in a great environment, in which I really want to learn. Thank you, Mr. Dauve.

Bri Shatto:

In high school, there are always teachers that students will never forget because of the impact they have made on them, and you, Mr. Dauve, are one of the teachers that I will always remember.

I have had quite a few teachers in my time as a student, yet I do not think any of them have been as caring and passionate as you. Though I am very sleepy in the morning and rather quiet, I still look forward to your class. I cannot think of a better way to start of a day at school than with a teacher so excited about what they are teaching.

Anatomy is likely one of the hardest courses I have taken, and yet I have never felt like I could not tackle a subject, for I have such an incredible teacher. When you lecture in front of the class, despite it being seven in the morning, you get excited about what you are teaching which completely changes the mood from sleepy to energetic and exciting.

Though your teaching skills and passion is enough to qualify you as one of the greatest teachers I have had, that is not the only thing that makes you so special. You truly care about your students, no matter who they are or how they are doing in your class, you see them as people rather than students who should be expected to memorize things perfectly and regurgitate the information they are given exactly the way it was taught. You understand that every student goes through different things and may not be able dedicate their whole lives to one subject. All you ever expect from your students is their own personal best and you never hold it against them if they do not do great, instead you offer help and kind words.

Your connection with students on a personal level is something to be truly admired, though the lectures may be things we have heard from our parents about college and partying, it seems different coming from you. You have this ability to show how much you care about us rather than coming off as an adult just trying to tell us what to do. Thank you for all you do for not only me but for every other student who has been lucky enough to have you as a teacher. You may not even realize how much it means or even how much you really do, but it is appreciated beyond words can express.

Leslie Sutton:

The other day, I was sitting around in class with Mr. Reed while he was doing an interview for drum major auditions, and your name came up for someone we see as a true leader. Reed looked up, knowing I had your class last year, and asked me if there was any teacher I respected more than you in the building. I really had to stop and think for a while. Thinking back through every moment I spent in your classroom, every moment I spent scribbling notes in my packets, grabbing worksheet after worksheet, and passing flashcard over flashcard, I can’t think of a singular moment where I did not hold you in the highest regard. From the first moment I walked in that door to a “Well hello, Socksy,” to the singular peace sign we exchange in the halls, you will always be someone who impacted me more than you could honestly imagine.

As a child of two highly conservative parents, all speeches necessary as a growing kid were truly awkward and oftentimes danced around the topic. In a human anatomy class, I knew these topics would show up again, and I braced myself for the awkward, unavoidable impact of ‘Yeah, read this on your own’ or ‘Don’t do this because you’ll die,’ but that wasn’t at all what I got, and I’m honestly so happy and thankful for that. Although at times there were the uncomfortable giggles, you tell it as it is, and yes, you are “the realest” (I still think that joke is overdone though.) Not only do you tell your students the truth about the world, but you let us into some parts of yourself. It’s extremely challenging to open up to people, and for you to do it every day to students who see you one class a day, who may not even shoot you an email once the mortarboard hits their head, is amazing. I feel that when I know nothing about a teacher beyond what comes from their textbooks, they may have not really taught me much at all, and trust me, people will learn many a lesson from you. If it weren’t for you, I don’t think I would have the understanding of so much that I do today, and the real facts behind why something is harmful, or absolutely brilliant. You explain why it’s necessary to keep yourself grounded, and really show how much it matters to you that we do. The fact that we, your students, mean so much shows how much you really love your job and love what you do. You recognize that we are people outside of these doors, and will continue to be people when we move onto bigger things beyond this place that sometimes feels a little more than lackluster.

In addition to being almost a mentor, I find it truly amazing how you thrive on your quest for knowledge. You are constantly reading, learning new information about your field, and applying it in class. You show how much you love everything that pertains to HAP and so much more, and it’s honestly rare to find someone that invested in what they do.

All in all I am more than blessed to have had time in your classroom in my years here at FHC and you will continue to influence me way beyond these doors.

Morgan West:

There’s so much that can be said about Mr. Dauve as a teacher. I have him for Human Anatomy and Physiology which is a very challenging class. Probably the hardest I’ve ever had. I’m so glad that Dauve is my teacher because he really knows what he’s doing and does everything right. If he wasn’t teaching me I’d probably have a D or would have dropped out long ago because I have a hard time remembering a lot of information, especially complex information, at once. A lot of info is basically HAP in a nutshell, but I manage to retain and really, truly learn so much because of the way Dauve teaches. I usually dislike lecturing, but the way he does it is really interesting and encourages close attention. Not only does he know all the right studying methods and tricks, he’s also so incredibly encouraging and positive and really believes in us. He’s really engaged almost everyday and his enthusiasm is so refreshing after 6 dreary hours at school. Even if I’ve had a bad day, it’s hard to not be influenced by his enthusiasm and almost impossible not to laugh at his outlandish or goofy jokes, antics and tangents. On top of all that he’s really understanding and nice to his students, sympathizing with them and taking his time to help those who need it. He obviously really cares about his students and enjoys teaching. I’m happy for him that he’s able to retire, but I feel bad for the future years of students who won’t get to be taught by Dauve

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