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Belle Herrera

Mr. Schott

Emily Mann:

Mr. Schott has been my favorite teacher throughout my highschool career, he has been the only teacher I have been comfortable around enough to be myself. It is so great knowing I can be myself and not be judged or frowned upon while in his classroom.

I know as soon as I walk into room 139 there will be lots of sarcasm, witty comments, and sass, but along with those things there is just as much support, knowledge, and fun going on. Schott has given me a lot of confidence just within my small amount of time spent in publications, and I am so grateful for that and him.

He is always willing to listen to yours and the classes ideas, and does all he can to help you achieve them. He is incredibly supportive and encouraging, and pushes us to try new things and go out of our comfort zone.

The amount of information I have learned in his classroom amazes me, as we are all constantly learning and building off of one another’s success and failures. I believe this atmosphere would not be possible without Schott. He works hard to allow us to produce 6 papers a year and have a running, functioning website. He is there before school and after school countless hours a week to give us the platform we need to continue working and producing great stories.

I go to his room as a safe place, Schott truly cares about how his students are doing beyond all of his sarcasm. I am not sure how to put to words the impact he has made on my life. In his classroom alone, from the beginning of the year till now I have found that I am growing and developing as a person. I am learning new things about myself, and discovering new talents that I didn’t know I had and I don’t think I could have done that without him, as silly as that sounds.

In all honesty, school is really hard for me most of the time. I stress out far more than I should, I’m very anxious, and school just isn’t always where I want to be. However,when I get up in the morning I know I at least get to go to newspaper, and that is what I get excited for. I look forward to going to his class everyday, and I think it is all because of how wonderful of a teacher he is. I seriously do not think I could make it through my day if it weren’t for Schott and his class, and I could never thank him enough for that.

He is super understanding with deadlines, stress, and all sorts of complications and struggles. In contrast to some teachers, he is willing to work with us to extend those deadlines, is flexible, and give us additional help and even provide us with outside resources if we are struggling to find them. He gives great advice and help, and always pushes us hard and takes time to edit your work and your peers, always helping to make us better.

Schott gives us so many journalistic opportunities, he provides us with camps, conventions, and outside events. He lets us livestream things local to school, and cover what we want to write about, which is really big for me. He lets us chase our passions and write about them, while still challenging us to step away from that comfort zone, and giving us other assignments as well.

Schott has helped me discover a love for journalism I didn’t know I had and I couldn’t be more grateful. Because of him I am considering going into journalism as my career, which is something I never would have imagined until his class.

Thank you, Schott, for embracing my flannels and punk music and allowing me to be myself. I cannot express how much you and your class have done for me, all I can really say is thank you, for helping me become who I am today.

Bri Shatto:

I have never really had a teacher that I can completely be myself around and feel absolutely free to share all of my ideas with till I met you, Schott. Even though you get frustrated with my crazy personality at times, I have never once felt shut down for expressing my opinion or sharing my energy with the room.

You are so much more than a teacher to me, you have allowed me to prosper and develop a voice stronger than the one I had before. I do not want to get too mushy though, so I would also like to thank you for the little things, like knowing I steal your candy and yet not moving the bucket and for laughing (even though you try not to) when I do my little dances and crack my silly jokes.

I think what I appreciate the most about you is your ability to never take anything too seriously. While you are serious when deadlines come and we have work to do, you always know how to bring in your sarcasm and sass which makes everything better. I cannot really express to you what you’ve done for me. Newspaper and you gave me a reason to come to school when it was hard to find the motivation. That might sound a little cliche but it is true.

You are my mentor, one of my favorite people, and a great friend. So thank you, for everything you do and everything you are. You have made one of the biggest impacts on my life and I hope that when I come back to visit years later with my college degree and new career, I will make you proud. • Copyright 2021 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in