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Romance movies

Romance movies

  1. “Comet”
    • Crafted through stunning cinematography and poetic dialogue, this movie portrays the story of a couple’s relationship in pieces, flipping between the first time they met, their biggest fight, the time they got back together, their second break up, and, eventually, them talking after not having spoken for years. It touches on themes of love beyond it being perfect and easy, showing it as real and human by creating imperfect characters and an imperfect relationship.
  2. “You’ve Got Mail”
    • A cheesy, feel-good movie, this is the ultimate “dire misunderstanding” movie as the owner of a small bookshop falls in love with a man she meets online, not knowing that he is the same man she hates in real life, who owns a huge corporate bookstore that is running her out of business.
  3. “The Notebook”
    • One of the most iconic romance movies of all time, this movie adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel tells the heart-wrenching story of a couple torn apart by circumstance, and shows the perfect romance which, while incredibly cliche, is something everyone needs every once in awhile. This movie is a great one to cry to as the couple is kept apart before inevitably sharing that infamous kiss in the rain.
  4. “Love, Actually”
    • Although this is usually seen as a Christmas movie since it takes place during the holiday season, this remains a great watch any season of the year. Since it follows so many different couples’ stories, it has a little something for everyone – and every story isn’t a complete cliche, although they are used often. The storytelling in this movie is both unique and iconic and the overload of romance will make anyone’s heart a little warmer.
  5. “When Harry Met Sally”
    • This story is one of two friends falling in love as Harry and Sally become best buddies before eventually realizing their true feeling for each other. Although it has become slightly outdated, it is still a great, cliche, lighthearted movie for anyone looking to just go, “aww!” • Copyright 2023 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in

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