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Animated movies

Animated movies

  1. “Zootopia”
    • This movie sets itself apart in its addressing of more hard-hitting issues like discrimination, showing it in a more fun, approachable way that appeals to kids and adults alike. Its portrayal of different species of animal being separated into predators and prey creates a fantastic narrative about prevalent issues in society, while retaining the cuteness and heartfelt moments that make up Disney and Pixar movies.
  2. “Megamind”
    • An original approach to the typical villain-turned-good story, this movie makes the viewer fall in love with villain Megamind in his hilarity and naivety as he falls in love with a reporter who would usually be the damsel in distress in a superhero movie  while disguising himself as an approachable, ordinary man. Megamind’s character arc is fantastically done, and the humor, while sometimes ridiculous, can make anyone laugh. This movie is a beautifully unique one that is easy to love.
  3. “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”
    • Although this movie is Disney, it’s more on Disney’s darker side, portraying a more atypical story that features characters who aren’t typically beautiful, abusive relationships, and romances that don’t necessarily work out perfectly like Disney’s tend to do. This is a great movie for anyone looking for the gorgeous animation and music of a typical Disney movie but not the normal cliches and lighthearted themes.
  4. Toy Story”
    • Throwing back to childhood days, this movie is an easy, lighthearted watch, telling the unique story of sentient toys as they attempt to get back to their owner. It has a touching storyline, showing the love between a kid and his toys as well as friendship between the toys themselves. Altogether, this movie is great for a lighter, fun movie.
  5. “Beauty and the Beast”
    • This is the perfect time for a refresher on this movie, before it’s made into a live-action film. The story still holds up after all this time, following a beautiful, intelligent common girl as she falls in love with a man cursed as being a beast in order to save her father. It shows a strong female lead as well as an admirable romance, as the beast sacrifices his own happiness for Belle and she returns the favor. The entire movie is beautifully made and features an incredible soundtrack that can take anyone back to the better days of their childhood. • Copyright 2023 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in

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