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Mrs. Larue smiles with her Pre-AP English 1 students. Mrs. Larue just recently got her Masters Degree

Lovely Larue

Senior Elizabeth Gerger and Junior Juliet Fuhrmann appreciate Mrs. Larue for being a key person in their life. Mrs. Larue gave Gerger her silver shield last year

Mrs. Larue

AH Mrs. LaRue is my favorite person ever. Thank you Mrs. LaRue for everything you’ve done for me the past year and a half. You work so, so hard for every single one of your students. You are so dedicated with everything you do, inside and outside of the classroom. You have grrrr8 fashion and the best smelling room in the entire school. I’m super pumped to go to Italy with you share spaghetti. Thank you for listening to all of my problems and letting me vent. You are hands down one of my best friends. I appreciate you more and more everyday.

-Elizabeth Gerger


Mrs. LaRue

Thank you Mrs LaRue for everything you do. You are the one teacher that cares about her students and I admire that. I am always excited to go to your class because you always make it fun to learn and always have a positive attitude, which I hope I have when working someday. Thank you for not treating me and other students like a kid, you treat us how we want to be treated and that is very much appreciated. You always make sure I am okay, especially when I look like I am down or having a rough day, you always bring me back up. You always brighten my mood and I am very grateful for that. You have an amazing fashion sense as well as your new haircut.

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