Mrs. Rulo presents to her classroom of mathematic students, Gerger has always disliked math, but Rulo has helped Gerger come to enjoy trigonometry.

Rockin’ Rulo

Senior Elizabeth Gerger thanks Ms. Rulo for helping her appreciate math.

Thank you, Ms. Rulo, for reminding me how much I enjoy math. I’ve always been challenged in the subject, but you made it a fun challenge. I wanted to come to class every day, I wanted to do homework, I wanted to succeed in your class. Your determination to teach made my determination to learn so much better. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a class as much as I enjoyed yours.

-Elizabeth Gerger


It will be hard putting my appreciation for what Ms. Rulo has done for me into words, but here’s my best shot. It is not uncommon for people to find themselves intimidated by math, or rather downright scared by it, but walking into Ms. Rulo’s class is about as far from intimidating as you can possibly get. With a contagious laugh and smile, Ms. Rulo teaches her classes with an incredible amount of pride. Although I did learn a lot of math in her class, I still don’t think I could count a number of times I’ve heard her say “I’m here after school today if any of you need help. I want you guys to do well.” She radiates genuineness in everything she does, and it shows in nearly every aspect of her teaching. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who has taken her class and not left with an amazing impression of her, and anyone who may not have enjoyed the subject itself almost always follows up with “but I LOVED Ms. Rulo!” While I’m sad it took until my senior year to meet her, I am glad it happened. Traveling from second hour with Mrs. McCune’s Art History class to Trig was easily the best part of my school day last semester, and thank you for making my morning every day with



And what a good morning it was.

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