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Dr. Miller grins with a student. Dr. Miller teaches Spanish 2 and 5.

Magical Miller

Senior Elisa Swanson thanks Dr. Miller for her dedication to teaching Spanish

Doctora Miller is one of the most understanding teachers I have ever had in my high school career. Having her for Spanish V has been a blessing. She understands the struggles of being a senior in high school and doing more than just attending her class. There have been days where she just understands there is a chemistry test and a psychology test and a physics test and she will literally say, “Your homework is to get some sleep.” She knows how sucky is it to come to school with bags under your eyes.

Doctora also knows that just because we are in Spanish five doesn’t mean we know everything. In fact, sometimes it’s the simplest stuff like we may know how to conjugate seven different verb tenses but we forget the word for food. I’m sure she laughs internally at this brain farts, but she’s supporting and helpful. All of our work comes back with feedback and I feel like I’ve gotten to practice for the AP test since day one.

Doctora is also supportive of the things happening outside of the classroom. She comments on our newspaper, came to the pancake breakfast for the basketball team and she came to NHS’s kahoot night. I love how if there’s something going on at school I can count on her being there, supporting the other activities that take place. She has also been super supportive in me and my classmates’ college and life crises. She has listened to endless rants about the struggles of college and money and she has been so reassuring when it seems like everything’s falling apart.

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