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Mrs. Morrow intently helps a student. Mrs. Morrow teaches geometry.

Mirthful Morrow

Senior Elisa Swanson thanks Mrs. Morrow for her friendliness and passion

Mrs. Morrow was the first math teacher I had in high school; she was everything I needed in an introduction to high school. In fact, the first day of school I was terrified of getting lost going to my next class so she gave me a map drawn with the way so I could find my way. She even introduced me to someone in the class that had the same next class so I had a buddy!

She was passionate and she handled the class of crazy immature kids with a smile. She was also a fun teacher; we got to do hands on things like we spent a day mathematically finding the center of triangles to balance on our pencil tips and we learned real life applications of math like seemingly impossible architecture feats. Plus she had colored staples which to this day, I am still amazed about.

Since I’ve had her, Mrs. Morrow has always greeted me in the hallway with a smile, brightening my day and showing me how easy it is to truly make someone’s day. Last year when I first found out about Actuarial Science, an obscure field at the time, Mrs. Morrow was the one that encouraged me to learn more and look into school with a program for it. She has always been a friendly face and a reminder that life may be tough but you are tougher. • Copyright 2024 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in

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