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Newsworthy Nelson

The hardest part of leaving high school for me will definitely be saying goodbye to my home in the theater department that I’ve spent countless hours in since my freshman year. Working on production after production backstage has gifted me with more life skills and lessons than any classroom I’ve ever stepped foot in, and will be something I treasure long past my years in high school. After the conclusion of an amazing first year our department lost a director and was bracing for the adjustment to a “new administration” of sorts, and that summer transition of freshman to sophomore year was lined with a thousand and one questions about whether or not the department would ever be the same.

Short answer: No. No, it would not.

Long answer: No, because it would be changed for the better. Nelson came into our home and completely flipped it on its head in the best way possible. She immediately found her place, and I am eternally grateful towards the interviewing panel that decided to hire this show tune driven machine. What truly sets Nelson apart from any other person I’ve ever met is the sheer level of compassion she has for others. She pushes us to go above and beyond in reaching out to the community, and furthermore promoting an atmosphere of kindness and respect throughout the production of our shows. Her only fear is complacency, and I greatly admire her for never shying away from the “big ideas” that are more often than not difficult to swallow at first glance. Never have I ever met a teacher who pushes us as hard as Nelson pushes our department, and while that may turn some people away at first, the outcome is truly incredible. I will forever be in debt to her for the countless opportunities she has given me alongside the unconditional support in anything I do, and while my heart is heavy with the thought of leaving the department behind next year, I know they’ll be in good hands as long as she’s alongside them.

Finding a teacher whose passion for their subject runs as deep as Nelson’s passion for hers is something I wish every student will be able to experience at least once in their academic career, for it truly changes your outlook on what you want from a leader. See ya later and make good choices!

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