Mrs. Kelley laughs with students as they enjoy their day. Mrs. Kelley was appreciated by sophomore Tyler Summers.

Knowledgable Kelley

Sophomore Tyler Summers thanks Mrs. Kelley for being a wonderful teacher.

Dear Mrs. Kelley,

I want to personally thank you for being a great teacher and overall a great person, whether you know it or not you are honestly a huge influencer to the kids you teach. You bring a happy face to school and you always make everyone laugh, whether you’re roasting someone or telling a corny joke about history. Most kids enjoy being in your class because you make it fun. Think about it, all we do is small activities and notes and if we had a boring teacher that was super uptight and never talked/joked, it would honestly be the worst class ever. But overall you’re just a good person to everyone… even Zuckerman. I have thanked you before but I will for sure thank you again, thanks for being an incredible teacher to me and all of your students.

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