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Senora Crain laughs with her spanish students. Senora Crain has participated with International Club and Central Outreach.

Creative Crain

Junior Emily Mann appreciates Mrs. Crain for being so inspirational.

CC rain

thank you for being a wonderful person and an amazing friend. you have been a extremely big influence on me and have impacted me in so many ways. thank you for exemplifying happiness every day in and out of your classroom and reminding me to smile! thank you for always believing in me and pushing me to live up to my full potential. thank you for being an inspiring person, and having such a big heart. I’m so proud of you for getting the Howell Of Fame Award I really think you are so deserving. I am really sad I won’t have you in the next year, but I will be sure to visit and tell you how tired I am.

Adios mi amiga,

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