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Central Outreach collects shoes for the Shoeman Water Project the first two weeks of April 2017. Boxes can be found outside the main student parking lot entrance, and outside the Activities Directors Office.

Central Outreach reached out for shoes

Central Outreach collected shoes for the Shoeman Water project

Central Outreach is a club at Francis Howell Central that helps the school and outside community. Their most recent project was a shoe drive that benefits the Shoeman Water project. This helped an organization that collects shoes from different shoe drives and sells them back out to exporters who then take the shoes to third world countries and villages.

But the good deeds don’t stop there. With the money earned from selling the shoes to exporters, the Shoeman Water project takes that money and uses it to build fresh water wells for those same third world countries that received shoes which helps get them fresh water and protects them from diseases that spread through dirty water.

Junior Will James was in charge of the project and hopes FHC will respond positively to the shoe drive.

“Here at FHC, we are hoping to get a lot of shoes so that we can make a big difference,” James said.

By the end of the shoe drive, Central Outreach collected over 500 pairs of shoes, all of which were sent to the Shoeman Water project. • Copyright 2021 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in