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I have found in my journey of bettering myself, finding happiness keeping journals has helped immensely. With each blog post there will be a spread of my journal to inspire some things to write about, log, or draw out in your own.

Start somewhere

The idea of changing your life completely is daunting, seems nearly impossible. However, it will never begin if you don't at first try.

The process. I refer to it – it being finding self-acceptance and practicing self-love – as a process because that is how I can best describe it. It will not come with the snap of your finger, or even telling yourself to “accept yourself,” it is is much much more. In all honesty, it is exhausting, elongated, often times disappointing, and even painstaking. While, it is truly a difficult task, once mastered, or even practiced on a day to day basis, the result is immensely gratifying.

As I was growing up I was told that everything is a process, whether it be learning to read, to ride a bike, or how to deal with problems amongst peers and family. Nothing comes with the push of a button or three clicks of the heels. And while this can be incredibly frustratingly, it is essential to acknowledge that it will not always come easy, in fact, it will be far from easy. However, as you continue in your journey, you will find yourself developing habits of better self-care, or healthier mindsets, and in turn this will drive your determination and longing for a better you to continue growing.

Now, by no means am I a doctor, counselor, clinically or psychologically trained – which could lead you to question why you would want to listen to what I have to say on self improvement. However, this is less of a place of diagnosis, or steps of treatment, and more of a place to start your process. To give some background, I personally have struggled with my self-acceptance, body image, mindset, self love, happiness, and even self-care for numerous years. As a result I have tried it all, “just change the way you think,” “get more sleep,” “rid yourself of toxic people,” and the list goes on. Furthermore, I have bought book after book on self-help, how to change one’s mindset, I have changed my diet, picked up yoga and meditation, cleared a lot off my plate, and even began researching chakras and astrology.

Again, none of which making me a qualified problem fixer, but hopefully making me someone to reconcile with as you begin on this journey, this process towards a better, happier you. I hope that this blog is able to serve as a place to get started, the sign you’ve been waiting for, or the kick in the rear to really force you to get serious about improving yourself and your life. My intention is not to provide a step-by-step direction on how to love oneself, or rid oneself of stress and sadness but rather provide a look into my own personal journey in hopes of providing insight, ideas, or even just inspiration to continue your own.  Finally, I hope that through this blog you do not feel judged, you do not feel alone, you do not feel belittled for your feelings and thoughts, and you feel as if you have a community around you, taking similar steps, learning the process, and ultimately finding happiness, acceptance, and peace.






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