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Chad Lange, board candidate

If you are elected to be on the school board, what will your top priority be?

If re-elected my top priority will stay the same from the day I originally decided to run for the BOE, and that is  Student Achievement. I am dedicated to working with other board members, district administration, and staff to provide our educators with the resources needed to ensure that our students continue to receive the top-notch education that inspires and prepares them to become productive and successful and citizens upon graduating.  FHSD has a reputation of being a high achieving school district and I will fight to see that continues.

Where do you see our district in five years? Ten years?

In five years I see FHSD continuing on working and advancing towards being the TOP school district in the state of Missouri. In ten years, I see us being there at the top.  We are already the top district in St. Charles County, and in the top 5% in the state. I feel we have the makings of being there. We have a determined superintendent with an excellent leadership team, experienced staff, and awesome students.  Factor all this together and this is the reality that I envision.

In your opinion, what is the board’s most important responsibility?

I feel the most important responsibility of the BOE is the hiring of the district’s Superintendent.  The Superintendent runs the day to day operations of the entire district. The Superintendent is the districts CEO.

What measures the success of a school and its students?

I feel what measures the success of a school and it’s students Is the students academic & growth achievement.  You should be able to look and see if the students are being prepared and are improving in key areas like ADA (average daily attendance), graduations rates, and major factors like if our students ready for college or careers upon graduation from FHSD. I know we are a data-driven society, and FHSD keeps all the data I mentioned, including post-graduation data. • Copyright 2021 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in