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Sra. Caitlin Crain

Light, Zealous

When I think of Sra. Crain, I think of the word light. She, to me, is the shining light of FHC always having a bubbly, happy attitude towards school and towards life. She isn’t afraid to be herself, no matter who is watching, and that is how I will always aspire to be. When I first came to FHC the boy who was showing me around to my classes read “Caitlin Crain” on my schedule and he said, “Ooh you got Sra. Crain, she’s the best.” And as he walked me up to her class, the boy opened the door and Sra. Crain stopped her class and said as loud as possible, “HEYY! Are you in my class now??” and I knew the boy showing me to my classes was right. Though I only had Sra. Crain my freshman year, I will always have light hearted memories of sitting in her class and smiling. • Copyright 2021 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in