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Olivia Hritzkrowin

Mrs. Gronek stands in front of her class and reads a slip of paper. She makes sure to see regularly if her class understands her teachings

Ms. Julie Gronek


Mrs. Gronek was gone for the first week of the school year on maternity leave. I had no idea who she was, or how great of a teacher she would be. When the class finally got to meet her, we all knew that this year in Gov would be great. Exuberant is described as unrestrained, especially with regard to feelings. Mrs. Gronek embodies that fully. She never puts her personal opinions in her teachings when she’s teaching politics and very controversial issues, but rather let’s the class explain their own feelings. She knows when a student isn’t feeling well, and she allows us to be ourselves. Every student that has had or does have Gronek knows how great she is. She lets her students be themselves, and allows us to learn in our own way. She answers every question, and still jokes around with her students. Mrs. Gronek is an excellent example of an amazing teacher, coach, and woman. Thank you Mrs. Gronek, for being such an amazing, inspiring, and exuberant teacher! • Copyright 2023 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in

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