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Mr. Donald Lober


Loberlicious. The meaning behind this adjective has never been defined in a dictionary. It’s never been a required word on an English vocab test. And yet, if you go up to any AP European History/ Pre-AP World History student in Donald Lober’s class and ask what it means, they will smile, or maybe laugh a little bit, and know exactly what I’m talking about.

Part of it is total originality; you can certainly see it in his teaching. In 10 years of grade school, I’ve never heard a teacher use the words “phat” or “sexitimus” to teach, but in many ways, Lober breaks precedence. His teaching method engages students and allows us to understand history in context of our slang and our words. It makes his classroom jovial, despite the hard work required to succeed.

It can also be seen in the work he exerts, without even seeming to mind. No one else I know would go through textbooks making notes for high schoolers for fun. I’ve also never had a teacher who gives up at least an hour to create videos over a chapter, just for his students’ sakes, every chapter. His passion and energy for European history contributes to the loberlicious tone in his class, infecting everyone around him with intrigue in the class.

But more than anything else, loberlicious is a trait that Lober has shown is one achieved when they give themselves not only to the subject matter, but to the students. He literally calls us his “babies”. With most teachers, you may learn a little of themselves outside their authoritative shells; interests, families, or maybe even alma maters. From then on, a harsh line of professionalism separates you from them, and there is never really a connection formed. But with Lober, anyone can see that this class is his love, to the point that it’s almost an extension of himself. Everyday he shares it with us, and I think that continual generosity with this part of himself is what makes him loberlicious. I honestly believe the word deserves a place in Merriam Webster.

Though we may not say it often enough, thank you, Mr. Lober, for sharing your passion with us, and always teaching to the utmost of your ability. • Copyright 2021 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in