Tyler Summers

Mr. Patrick Reed

Energy, Ambition


PJ Sheehan:

Mr. Reed always has constant energy for the 7th Zobot class and is always teaching us new things in a consistently intriguing and entertaining form. When it comes to 7th hour I am drained by all the other classes I had to force my way through, but Mr. Reed keeps me awake with his energized teaching and jokes throughout the class. He helped me stay awake through the last hour of school and made me care about the subject he was teaching me. He taught me so much of the wide world of plants and animals and he still has more to teach me throughout this next quarter. He keeps the class moving and organized as best he can with a class of students who are so excited to learn about the subject he is teaching. He always keeps his class updated throughout his career teaching as the field of zoology and botany expands. His system of flashcard extra credit rewards students for making the flashcards and studying them making students subconsciously learn how to study while on the road to get extra points. His energized teaching rewards students and helps them prepare for college in a unique way. He shows the class videos of animals in the wild and how they will act in real life. His energy and interest for the subject hasn’t waned for all the years he has taught the class and has updated the curriculum over all the years he has taught. He keeps energy and morale up in the class and I wouldn’t have any other teacher for Zobot.


Liv Hritzkrowen:

The desire and determination to achieve success.

Not only for himself, but for his students. Mr. Reed teaches with more ambition than any teacher I’ve met. In the two years that I’ve been in his clases, Reed has taught me more than just science. He’s taught me ambition, the drive to do what I aspire to do. Before sophomore year biology, I was completely and utterly confused about my future, what did I want to do? How do I make it there? Is it even possible? Before, I didn’t know. Mr. Reed has taught me that I can. As I take my first steps toward veterinary school, I have Mr. Reed to thank. His incredible ambition has pushed not only me but many other students, current and past, to do what they’ve always aspired to do. For this, I thank Mr. Reed. A man who has taught so many student about how cool the mantis shrimp is, or how a cuttlefish is a crossdresser, or even about the peduncle of a plant. Most importantly, he has taught ambition, the desire to achieve success. Thank you Mr. Reed, for being such an amazing teacher and mentor. You’ve changed not only my life but the life of many others. Ambition. The desire and determination to achieve success. • Copyright 2020 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in