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Doug West

Mrs. Staback helps a student in lab. She is watching as her students complete their work.

Mrs. Kelly Staback


It’s evident how much Mrs.Staback cares about her job through the way she teaches. Her excitement on trying new assignments or activities with her students, the disappointment when students aren’t as excited as she was. The energy behind what she does and how she says things. She’s a teacher who shows her love of what she does, through what she does. It is one of the main reasons as to why I love what she teaches and being in her class. I could go there in a bad mood, and by the time I leave, be smiling again. It’s not always fun and games, but even with notes and tests, she finds a way to keep us locked in and entertained. Sometimes she has to be stern, but that’s because some students don’t see how hard she is trying to get them to love and care about the environment they live in. She loves her job and what she’s teaching about, and that is what makes a great teacher. Her job is not the only thing she cares for, her devotion also extends to the teenagers who sit in her class every day. She cares whether her students ace or fail, whether they enjoy her activities or not, if they’re okay. One day, I watched a student fall asleep on his desk, and like any teacher, she asked him kindly to keep his head up, but he said he needed it. He seemed out of it. She allowed him to sleep in the few minutes left before the bell, and then woke him after it rang and made sure everything was okay before letting him go. Any other teacher would’ve pushed on keeping him awake and making him do something, but she cared more about his health than making him do something with his free time. I know, it’s not the best example, but it gets my point across; Mrs. Staback is devoted to her job and her students, and I believe it makes her that much more of an amazing tea • Copyright 2021 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in