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Liv Hritzkrowin

Ms. Stallard laughs in her classroom. Her smile lights up the room.

Ms. Cori Stallard


Mrs. Stallard isn’t a teacher that I am enrolled in a class with, however, she is one of my favorites. Although I’m not taking one of her classes, I feel closer with her than I do with any other. Mrs. Stallard puts up with a lot of stuff from her theater kids, and she still manages to pull off amazing shows twice a year. She was pregnant with a child, and she was still directing a play with high schoolers, which, even without being pregnant, is very difficult. Dealing with teenagers in general is very difficult, and she handles it very well. When there is a problem amongst the people involved in the show, she makes sure to address it and keep the family close. I enjoy every day, every rehearsal, and every theater moment I spend with Mrs. Stallard, and I’d like to appreciate her for being a drama mama, even when I haven’t taken any of her classes yet. • Copyright 2021 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in