Kierston Fisher

Ms. Christina Young

It is near the end of another school year and the struggle bus is full of students (me included) But somehow you seem to make everything easier. You always know what to do to help keep us from stressing out and keeping us calm. One thing I will remember is when we fail tests or quizzes you never get mad you just say “the grade doesn’t define who you are.” Thank you for being someone we can all trust, go to for anything, and keeping it real with us. Your class is my favorite part of the day because you are such a fun teacher to have around the school to spread a smile here and there every once in awhile, you make everyone laugh even on your bad days, you know how to make class work fun and put it in ways that teenagers like us can actually understand and that makes it so much easier on all of us to actually have someone who understands what we need to hear in order for us to understand. So thank you for deciding to become a teacher and being the best one there is. • Copyright 2020 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in