Sleepy students start Spirit Week

Students celebrate homecoming week by wearing pajamas

September 24, 2018

As we kick off Spirit Week Spartans showed their spirit in their comfiest pair of pajamas. Pajamas were the perfect way to start off this celebratory week as Monday’s normally come with a lot of sleepy students. Following pajamas, the Spartans will pull out their fanciest clothes for GQ day tomorrow.

Homecoming week 2018

This past week at FHC we have had many events including Spirit week, Homecoming parade, Powderpuff football game, and Homecoming. This video shows the memories the Spartans made during Homecoming week of 2018.

Dressed to impress

Meghan Zadell

Dressed to impress

Spartans show school spirit by wearing their best outfit

The Spartans celebrated day two of Spirit Week by wearing their best outfit for GQ Day. Seniors also put a smile on their face for the senior panoramic with the principles. Spirit Week will continue with tomorrow’s theme as Vine/Meme Day.

Happy students, happy holidays

Samantha Gnuse

Happy students, happy holidays

Students showed their school and holiday spirit by wearing their favorite holiday

Today students dressed up in their favorite holiday attire. The halls were filled with many Christmas laughs and spooky whispers. Tomorrow we will wrap up Spirit Week with showing our school pride by wearing blue and silver.

The day you have all been waiting for

Payton Amlong

The day you have all been waiting for

Spartans imitating the videos that have gone viral

Spartans came into school today imitating different Vine/Memes. Although some teachers had to be informed on what Vines/Memes are, others were already dressed up. Tomorrow students will dress up in their favorite holiday gear for day four of Spirit Week. • Copyright 2021 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in

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